Hafiz Welcomed Home Like a Star!

May 24, 2009

Our dear Hafiz, who won the AF, landed home at 9am today! Assistant Minister of Youth, Hamden Ahmad was there too! Wow...mebe not that WOW la, just the assistant what. But still, that means Hafiz got their attention! =3

"Never in Sarawak entertainment history an artiste winning any competition at National level accorded to such a VVIP welcome, observed Saiee Driss, a veteran broadcast journalist cum social activist."

Wow, this statement is a major achievement! Never knew that also... =P

" ”Hafiz itu produk AF, Safar Ghafar produk Bintang RTM. Di bawah Bintang RTM sejak tahun 60-an ada banyak juara dari Sarawak, seperti Rigayah Bushrah, Sarbanun Marikan dan lain-lain……,” he commented."

Yeah true2, AF is a pretty big thing, includes Brunei also, so it's bigger thing than RTM I think. Besides, he got number one man! =) Congrats Hafiz!

Shine on,

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