How to Press Print Screen with an Insert on Top?

April 23, 2009

I was on my assignment and was searching all over the internet on how to get that freakin button on! I'm using a laptop and my "insert" button has "the prt sc" (print screen) below it. So I was like, "okay they (my friends) said press Shift + Print Screen and the shot will be taken". So I went to Paint to paste the image but none came out! So that means I didn't get any screenshot! Geez!

So out I went on the net to search for it, where I practically went to the fifth page of the search and found this forum where people ask people on techs. chiafruitguild, a member of the forum, asked the same question I had. Luckily M.Hirsch, another member of the group answered the question!

"Probably there is an additional META-Key, "Fn", that you have to press and hold. Sometimes you have to switch "Num Lock" off. But you should read your notebook's documentation, this depends on your specific model."

I tried all and found out just like chiafruitguild did, it was the fn button! It's situated on next to the ctrl button on the left side of the keyboard. Geez! =Z

Shine on,

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  1. thanks A LOT! really :) i was loosing my nerves with getting the prt sc to work!!

  2. Glad you found my blog then! Happy print-screening! =)

  3. thanks!!!i got crazy with the dam button!

  4. Haha! xD Now you can relax already friend!

  5. Thank you from Brazil, really helped my life in my job;

  6. I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

  7. Thanks a lot, I also tried to press Shift (and some other improbable buttons), but I would never say that fn is the key.

  8. Thankyou so much for your post!I was unable to print shot as well and fortunately found your site with detailed instructions. In few minutes, i was able to finish my project.
    very proficient!

  9. Exactly!! I could imagine how stressful you were finding out- I was in your shoes too! xD Cheers!

  10. Thank you! Stupid keyboard! :D

  11. Lol this post has saved us tons of work, thanks!

  12. omg thanks alot for this info, now i can easily printescreen in my laptop, this is really helpful -)

  13. Thank you sooooooo much you have greatly helped me..I was really suffering with this button.


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