Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cruel World- Watch this video- an Innocent Woman Was Killed in Public
I heard a story from a friend of mine in academy. It is an accident(on the way to Menggatal, Sabah) that happened behind her on the road, after she overtook a big lorry. She heard a loud crash and she stopped. The Kelisa (that was behind her before she overtook the lorry) hit the back of the lorry. Real bad. Worse, it was a family there. The whole family I think. The driver's head, the mother, was stuck into the window. Yes, her head was hit into the glass and was stuck there, only upper half of her head stuck out of the car. The dad, was bleeding from the side, hit the window too. And the daughter was worse..poor thing. My friend said her head went 180 degrees to the back. Meaning her hair was at the front and her face at her back. Poor thing, she was crying and in my opinion, couldn't breathe that time since her airway to her lungs was...twisted? She reached out to my friend who was staring at her, shocked, knees shaking and tried to touch the poor girl's hand. She didn't finished her last cry, she just..passed away. I gave a lot of thought about this until now. I used to drive real fast..I'll think 10 times before i hit 100km/hour next time..

And I searched on youtube, for someting like, killed, bunuh, eaten alive- stuff like that. Don't know why, maybe I wana see how cruel the world can get? Here's a woman who was stabbed in public (in a crowd) in China and everybody just watched. What kind of world we're living in anyway??? Worst, somebody else from the crowd took her bag she was carrying while she was still alive man~! What the..???

Here's another one, a woman in Iraq was stoned to death in public (plus, in broad daylight!!??) in year 2007. Men surrounded her and were either kicking, stoning her or taking the video out of their cellphones. Where's their sense of humanity??? I thought Islam teaches us all to be kind and peaceful. Why are you all killing your own kind?? It seemed like she was from some kind of belief and was seen out with a man if I heard it clearly, but still, people don't kill people without court and she HAS THE RIGHT to voice out her own voice god damn it! You don't just drag people with your big, hurtful arms around their necks and kick em and stone em to death! You all should be sentenced to death. And why is it the man who was seen with her not stoned too?? This proves that women are lower grades of species there in Iraq. I don't know about now, but I say bullshit!

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