Sunday, March 29, 2009

WARNING: Tanjung Aru Robbery in Daylight!
My dad told me just now that his friend, was robbed before noon last Friday if I'm not mistaken. He was from kk going to the Tanjung Aru beach where there was this car side by side with him on the road. This friend, who happened to be an ustaz, pulled by the Petronas station on the left. The car followed and 2 big size, chinese men rushed out and straight away hit the poor guy in his own car!

This is real ya, no kidding! There were 2 chinese women in their car, waiting la. The men beat the crack out of the guy whom my dad say isn't the one who fights back. He got fractures and his eyes like bulging out my dad said and for that, he's in ICU now.

It seems like they asked for RM5,000 from the poor Beaufort guy but they gained RM500 cash with his handphone only. Geez, what's wrong with those people??? Just take the money la, why wana beat him up like crazy kan??

And more, the petrol station people who were inside the shop tried to help but got hit too, instead. What a sad thing, and those robbers sure will get the punishment that they deserve when they get caught! May Allah bless the poor ustaz. Amin.

I think if you're quick-witted, you can hit the road again and drag the stupid people or you can break his arm or what ma. Aih but I don't know, maybe I would've panick if somebody suddenly attack me from my own windwoshield man. So be careful when you're there or anywhere near there aite! Spread this around!

Stay safe.


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