UMS Japanese Week Report

March 19, 2009

I went that night, too bad it was drizzling..people were little, all under a tent. =Z There were stalls selling japanese delicacies, games, PS3 (with flat screen tv!), robots, anime dolls and Japanese Traditional games.

I thought it would be cold (I thought it would be IN the Chancelor Hall), but instead we were all had to stand and watch the show, which really pissed me off and stayed there for only about an hour plus. I couldn't even see what's up front cuz there were people in front of me (I was at the back, poor me) and that annoyed me even more!

ums japanese week 2009
Here's the centre of the suppose-to-be-there, Bon Odori dance, but thanks to the drizzles, it was put on stage! I would've joined if it it was on the ground..

ums japanese week 2009
So here's the Bon Odori dance. They dance in a circle, doing different kinds of action for every different songs. There were all four songs of it and all in Japanese style. The songs' tunes are the chinese opera you know?

ums japanese week 2009
And here's a demonstration from the Kendo club of Sabah (if I heard it right). I was waiting all the time for the black mask guy (the one watching those two warriors playing I may say) to at least DO SOMETHING. Unfortunately he didn't, to my disappointment.

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