Monday, March 30, 2009

T.I Sentenced to Jail!
T.I went to jail

Our male rapper, T.I was sentenced to a year and a day in jail by a Northern Georgia District judge on on 27th March for felony weapons charges (his October 2007 arrest on the eve of the BET Hip-Hop Awards), calling the rapper's plea deal "experimental" but a phenomenal success.

"T.I. is expected to go to jail voluntarily within six to eight weeks but won’t make it their before May 19 due to performance obligations. However, T.I. very much impressed the court with his attitude and action turnaround since the arrest. The rapper has met and helped several humanitarian causes in Atlanta." - Anything Hollywood.

Well starting from here I expected of a reduction of the punishment.

Thanks to the plea deal that he made last March, he would have to complete 1,000 horus of community service before sentencing, pay a $100,000 fine and agree to do 500 horus of community service after he's done with his time in prison (which is the 1 year and a day).

According to court's reports, he has done 1,030 hours of community service, 305 days of his required one-year home confinement and He was required to pay a $300 fine immediately and make due on his $100,000 fine. Gee this amount of money that needs to be paid...speechless.

I guess rappers are more prone to have problems with the law about weapons eh?


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