Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jade Goodie died on Sunday March 22
jade goody died march 2009
Jade Goody, 27, has passed away earlier this morning at just before 4am, according to Max Clifford, her publicist and a friend of hers. She was sleeping when she passed away. (sorry for the usage of the PASSED AWAY phrase, I think it's rude to say DIED)

Jack Tweed, her husband, and her mother, Jackiey Budden, were there when she passed away. I don't know about her kids but I think they'll make it through, as she had gave them hints that she would 'go away' soon. Poor children.

Here's something about her and her story on the disease:

"Goody, 27, rose to fame on the British version of the reality show Big Brother in 2002, and was rarely out of the British newspapers and gossip magazines in the years that followed. But her story went global when she discovered she was suffering from cervical cancer – while appearing on the India version of the reality show in August.

Then, in February, she learned that the disease had spread and she only had a short time to live. Since then, her achievement has been to raise awareness of her cancer and how prevention could help others," Clifford said.

He adds, "Her legacy will be that a lot of women owe their lives to Jade Goody because of her public announcement and battle against cervical cancer," which has led to increased knowledge of it and the screening necessary to catch it."

All my condolences goes out to Tweed's family and Goodie's.


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