Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello Alex Parker!
CLEO V05 Bachelor Of The Year 2009 alex parker

Ollie Hampton, Clinton Randell, Alex Parker, Matt Leonard, Troy Burbidge, Brynn Cubbin and Brad Smeele with VO5 Vixxens. Photo / Mike Rooke and Emily Jones -
I got a newsletter from CLEO about the winner of the CLEO V05 Bachelor Of The Year 2009!

This 23 year-old PE student doesn't grow facial hairs! And I'm amazed he knows what is a "pob" (even I don't know what it is). It's the Posh's bob!

And to think that he knows what a girl thinks- "If a girl says she’s ‘fine’ she really means..." and his answer was.."I think that when a girl says "I'm fine" what she really means is that she is not fine and wants you find out what is bothering her and fix it without her having to ask." He's so true! Well I usually don't say it, the F word would be suffice. And he gets it! Awesome!


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