Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chris Brown is an abuser??

I just got a newsletter today from and my gosh, you won't believe it!

"Rihanna told LAPD that it wasn’t the first time Chris Brown has been violent toward her! The L.A. County District Attorney may have evidence to charge Chris Brown as early as today even if Rihanna doesn’t cooperate with prosecutors. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the night of the attack Rihanna told cops she was the victim of escalating violence — and the perp was Chris Brown."

My god, I would never know Chris as this kind of person- it's such a cruel thing to do and that wasn't the 1st time he beat the heck out of her. Worse, another newsletter said that they are married after the incident! According to Showbiz Spy, Rihanna took him back! Wut?? Experts say that this isn't shocking- " it's unrealistic to expect women not to go back to their abusers, be they husbands or boyfriends, as the victims grapple with feelings of guilt, fear, isolation — even love."

So now I know that Rihanna's in Mexico, getting her head off the case I guess. Due to this, Rihanna's concert in Malaysia is postponed (dang!)and Brown's campaign with Doublemint Gum has already been suspended! I guess celebs are just like us- normal human beings, despite the luxury, beautiful and to die-for bod..

Well, let's just wait and see for Thursday, will she defend or offend him?

Here's a funny vid by nigahiga in Youtube on this couple's fight named "Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna". It's really funny! You all should watch it!


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