Wednesday, February 18, 2009

La Manila, Warisan Square review
Recently I went to La Manila, Warisan Square. For the first time, yes. It’s next to Fish & Co. Thinking of getting something other than western and Starbucks or yogurt (Yogurberry), my guy saw the shop and stopped abruptly when he saw the menu (Chicken Rice got his attention).

So in we went and sat there. Well the welcome was okay, the waiter said “hello” with a smile. Well the seating arrangement there isn’t my type. Too open and no privacy for &0% of them, because there are those bench types- at the side of the wall (like in Pizza Hut, with shields) and those like open-air seats. A square table with 4 seats filled up the extra space. Lucky we got the middle bench.

The waiter who greeted us gave us the menu. Well…I must say it’s okay, a mere RM8.90 (before tax) for each dish. It’s like Old Town, sell chicken rice, mee soup with fish, fried mee and the drinks- juices and soft drinks (acceptable).

review food place la manila warisan square kota kinabalu sabah
I ordered the Penang Fried Kway Teow. My guy ordered his Chicken Rice. Well we had like, 15-20 minutes of waiting then it came. Only the Chicken Rice. That time there were only us both and a couple, too. Then only after 5 minutes my order came.

review food place la manila warisan square kota kinabalu sabah
Our drinks- GOD, took them so long to take. We only ordered orange juices and it took them more than the time it would take (for me la, say 5 minutes?). It was freshly squeezed- WITH little orange and you CAN taste the artificial sweet~!

review food place la manila warisan square kota kinabalu sabah

My fried kway teow was delicious. I had options beforehand- spicy or not spicy. I chose not spicy (I’m not a HOT person aite). When I tasted it, my god. Wish I asked for spicy one. NO spice at all! Nothing~! It was like, not Penang’s~! Just plain fired kway teow! But lucky the dish was delicious. Not much of oil, I would say 3% more of the acceptable amount (after I was done with it, there was some residue of the oil on the plate). The mee was with prawns (like 2 of them?) and scrambled eggs (note: scrambled) all over it.

The dish was served on a square-cut banana leaf on a white porcelain plate. The spoon and fork was laid on the table with tissues (think of Yoyo’s tissue style- upright). Cleanliness, I would say A. Didn’t see any dirtiness there. Well I don’t know about the indoors (kitchen?)..

The Chicken Rice was awesome, sweet but not THAT sweet. Had gravy but no veggies. Sorry I didn’t take it’s photo.

Overall, I wouldn’t want to go there but for Penang Fried Kway Teow. If I want some chicken rice, I would go to the Chicken Rice Shop. Too bad there’s no Wantan Ho there.

BUT, the downside is, when we wanted to pay, nobody saw us looking around, searching for somebody who might see us. EVERYBODY was busy with their handphones and looking down~! Even the girl at the counter~! She was looking outside (don’t know what the heck she was looking at) and lucky she turned and saw us calling her. Geez! The guy who greeted us was sitting on a stool (worse- at the entrance. What an impression), smsING. Well I never..


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