Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jobs Placement Day
Well yesterday tiba-tiba kena panggil to the Lecture Room and got meeting with puan and ms Eliania and all the SLDN's and seniors. There's gona be a Jobs Placement Day on 28 Feb 2009 (this Saturday!), 8am till 5pm at Wisma Perkeso, no. 11 Jalan Sempelang, 88100 Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

I have no idea what is it about and heard from mouths there in the academy that job seekers (note: degree holders, people from universities they said) are gonna be there and look for a job. Huh?

In the flyer, there will be some activities:
1. Registration online at
2. Walk-in interviews.
3. Training opportunities for skills enhancement.
4. Client's Day for departments and agencies under Ministry of Human Resources in Sabah.

I don't get it. The activities. This puan she just simply can say this and that and tell us to do stuff suddenly. So what about my class on that saturday? Geez. I was told to do nail art with Yvonne (as the leader of the team), Denise and Zurianti. Sounds like a whole lot of so many rooms, make up room even (make up service will be available that day) and spa. Have no idea whoever gonna have spa there.

Then it seems like on this Sunday is an open day in Rozsall. There will be facial service, cost RM10 each. They will be doing machines.


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