Thursday, February 5, 2009

Called in Sick. Clinic Review.
Today i had a bad day. I got sick~! Well it started since last night (i got diarrhoea) again, but i thought it will go away. I got up this morning feeling warmer and a little sore throat. God damn that sandwich i bought at Artos yesterday morning. I know that devilled little thing is responsible for my illness because i started to get uneasy feeling (like wana go to the loo) at 11am like that.

So i had half day today, ended my day by telling Ms Eliania that I'm sick and having fever and nausea. I straight went to clinic at Bersekutu (near Survey there, go straight (junction to 1 Borneo and Likas). Jalan Pantai there), there's Permai Polyclinics there. Thank god.

I was feeling like vommiting, but it just started. I had Nasi Ayam and the feeling subsided. Thank god. I was feeling much better after my meal and hot milo. No more dizziness. I went to the clinic and went straight to the Doctor's room.

clinic permai polyclinics kota kinabalu sabah review

He perscribed me with colourful tablets. (clockwise) = UlphaLyte (to replace water & electrolytes for my diarrhoea), antibiotic (must finish them), PCM (don't know what it means)-500 G (for my fever),Loperamide (for diarrhoea) and lastly, Bascafan for stomachache (when you feel like going to the toilet to do the second business). Phew, i don't know if i spell the science words correctly or not. =P

clinic permai polyclinics kota kinabalu sabah review

Here's my sick leave (sick certificate). Issued by my doctor, Dr Rezan S. Ashraff. The fee for my session and the medicines was RM55. I think it's okay, since I'm used to Permai Polyclinics (the one in KK expecially) and i trust the doctors there. And it's true, i need some replacement(UlphaLyte) for my water loss due to diarrhoea.

As for my skin care regime, i din't use water to cleanse my face because i'm accustomed to my mom's saying, "Don't get into water when you're sick". So i used Eskinol Cucmber Facial Cleanser. It's great, i don't need to use water, just use wet cotton pad. Then i used my Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion to make sure my face is all clean and free from dirt and grime. I'll review these products in my next posts. See ya~! =)


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