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Skinfood Face Cheek Blush (highlighter) review
review skinfood face cheek blush highlighter
I bought Skin Food Face Cheek Blush 2 days ago in 1 Borneo, KK. I was looking for a highlighter (to highlight facial features & maybe, body!) there. I went to Sasa but all they have is the shimmery powder. Watsons, nay. I didn't see anything but compact powders of foundation powders. So Skin Food it was. I didn't wana go survey any further because i don't wana waste my time looking for that single thing only. The sales girl there was very nice, i don't know her name but she has this Phillipino accent, but she looks like a chinese~! Tall with long hair, she approached me, asking what i wanted. Nice, she's good and she sure knows what she was talking about. =)

Okay so..First, the packaging is really cute~! It's small and just the size of my fist (smaller). It has the Skin Food angel logo on top of the lid and descriptions on it's bottom.

review skinfood face cheek blush highlighter
This baby comes with a cute, furry little puff (love it~!). It has 3 holes (formed by ribbons) on top of it for your fingers to insert to for application. Too bad, it's not big enough for any of my fingers. It can just barely hang on the edge only. So to apply this, maybe hard. Other option would be using finger/ make up puff or make up brush.

review skinfood face cheek blush highlighter
The good thing is (beside the cute puff and holder), it has 5/5 points for hygiene~! It has this plastic cover for the powder inside it~! And the powder has a Skin Food angel on it~!

review skinfood face cheek blush highlighterHere's a swap of the powder on my hand. The texture is real nice(like how powders should feel like), it stick to the skin and scentless (is that a word??). When you have it on, you won't feel heavy coz you just need a litlle bit of it.

I did a make up already (only eyeshadow and blusher, no foundations, none on face) and wana let you all see the difference on having highlighter on and none at all. So here's my face before the highlighter.
review skinfood face cheek blush highlighter
And here's my face after applying the highlighter.

review skinfood face cheek blush highlighter

review skinfood face cheek blush highlighter
Notice my cheekbones,forehead and my nose- all highlighted. Like illuminated, see? Mine wasn't really that bright, but in real scenario it was enough already for me. So if you wana take pic or do some videos using highlighter, add it more than the real quantity you use to make your features stand out.

For those who don't know what highlighter is, it's used for making the features of any part (decollete, neck, nose, browbone,cheekbones,arms, etc) to stand out.

Here's some videos on how to use highlighter.


  1. OMG thank yooooou, I think you are the only review online that talks about this product! Whoop! Now I'm gonna buy it thanks to you :) Good review. The product is Skinfood Cheek Color Pen in ice blue. Though why they call it a "pen"...


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