Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dental Clinic & Surgery for my teeth~!
dental clinic & surgery kota kinabalu sabah
I went to Dental Clinic & Surgery at Api-Api Centre, KK recently for my aching tooth. U know like the pain you have when u have a bad tooth? Like that la but it’s weird cuz that part I have already plastered it a few months earlier.

This place has this system that the same dentist will treat you, not other doctors there (there are a few doctors working together there, part time). So my previous one was a chinese male doctor. I don’t like his work, like he doesn’t tell me that the white stain that can’t be removed from my front tooth is actually an indication of a bad tooth forming (yikes!).

Luckily, I got a female doctor. I forgot her name, but her style was so relaxed and like she’s your friend while she was working with me. I never felt like she’s my doctor. She looks like a mix of Pakistani.

Looks like the aching I got was from the previous plaster on my big tooth that was causing the trouble. It got irregularly shaped for no explainable reason (thanks to the Chinese male doc), so she just did a ‘trim’ on it (RM20). Then I asked her to clean my teeth (above, below) from all the dirts on it. I had some yellowish plaque on my inner front lower teeth. It cost RM88 and that includes flossing.

She even explained to me about the white stains on my upper front teeth (can’t be removed after treatment) was an indication of a bad tooth. Got 3 of them, 2 on my front, 1 more at my back upper teeth, right side. Geez…was so scared, lucky I went to her that day.

She suggested me to buy this fluoride toothspaste-like for RM80 (sold there). It’s not a toothpaste, it’s like a pimple gel where you just put it on the pimple and leave it be. Only in this case, the teeth, you apply the gel and leave it for 30 min like that. That easy!

I’ll be sure to go to her again next time..the lady at the counter said the Chinese male dentsist wasn’t available that day and the lady dentist can only do basic treatments. The clinic is at Api-Api Centre, KK. From Burger King, just go straight from there and you’ll pass Milelia branch on your right side. Just go straight until you find Zaminah (kedai makan India). The clinic is next to it.


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