Thursday, January 15, 2009

Golden Globes makeup and Make Up Session today~!
I saw a post yesterday by Cailin on Hayden Panettierre’s Golden Globes makeup~! I just simply love her make up here that i must write it and thank dear Cailin for sharing~!

Her make up is so fresh and nude, with her sultry eyes and pale-pinkish lips. Her hair looks gorgeous with the waves and twists and the volume. I would really try this look on one of my night outs~!

I just learnt something on this blog (and Cailin, thanks again!) that Neutrogena doesn't sell body care only, it sells make up~! Hayden's make up was mostly from Neutrogena's from Nourishing Eye Quad in Vintage Wine to Neutrogena Soft Color Blushes in Sunny Spice and Divine Wine~!

As for today's activities, we had a make up session (again!).

make up session at academy
They were all make up-ed in day-night look. That's why you can see difference in both sides of their faces.

 make up session at academyHere's my beautician, Dila. She was my model (for day-night make up) and after that we switched roles. She did a bridal make up on me, just like the rest of the batch of hers.
make up tutorial
I'll just explain my eye make up, the blushers and lipcolour is totall flexible for this look. She used Elianto Colour Studio Aurora Shadow in Wine Purple on my entire lids and shimmer black eyeshadow on the crease of my lids to form a socket eye look(from the outer lash to inner half of my lids).  But then she thought i didn't look good with sockets, so she put more purple on my lids. Then she used a medium-thick line of black liquid eyeliner on my upper lashline before and after she applied falsies. She added some highlights on my inner eye area, under brow area and did shading on my nose (make it look sharper). That's about it, and my brows were a mix of brown and black colour (you'll get a gray-ish colour after mixing, so add any of the colours as needed. Don't put too much of black as this will make you look really scary)

The seniors had did a make up rehearsal for their exam too recently. There was bridal and stage look!


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