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Review: Casmara Algae Peel Off Mask Facial!
review casmara algae peel off mask facial
I recently went to this place for a facial on this particular brand, Casmara Suppose to be RM160 if u go to the 1 Borneo Beauty salon it seems. I got to know about this brand (it’s new) at the Slim & Beauty Sabah 2008.

So at this booth i went, there was a promotion on Casmara. Only RM50 for it's facial (suppose to be Rm160 the lady said).  Casmara is used on 2 places that i know, Beauty de Point, Likas and another shop in 1 Borneo. Beauty de Point is my mom's friend's place, so she chose there.

Beauty de Point is at Likas, the one near All Saints, at Mayang Sari (restaurant) there, there's a stair there, take it and the beauty salon is right in front of u on the right side a bit. If you need more assistance just email me.

The place is on the 1st-3rd floor if i'm not mistaken. It's a beauty academy too~! Teach students on beauty. Spa, facial and all. I didn't ask about the certificates they have there.

review casmara algae peel off mask facial
Here's the facial room. It's a room with 2 beds and 1 changing room (sweet!), complete with 1 washroom. I used my Rm50 coupon for Casmara products (the facial session will be done using Casmara only). My beautician is a lady who's working+studying there, her facial massage wasn't really nice, i didn't feel relaxed at all. The owner, my mother's friend is the one who does a nice job, my mother said (my mother got her as a beautician).

The mask i used was the Novanew Mask by Eden Beauty Group, Ireland. This mask restores the moisture balance of the skin. It contains a high level of moisturising substances. The pressure it exerts enhances the penetration of the active ingredients applied to the skin surface. Suitable for use on skin of any type and age and has a decongesting and refreshing action. (this is so true, the mask can be applied all over the neck and face, including the eye and lip area~! And it felt soooooooo refreshing and there was a  hint of mint! After 10 to 15 minutes, the masks dry to a solid gel form (very soft!)  that can be easily peeled off in one go. )

According to the group, (a Beauty Salon that distributes Casmara range to Beauty Salons in Ireland (North & South ), the Algae Peel Off Mask range is based on plant extracts such as Oats, Wheat and Soya  and there are 8 Algae Peel Off Masks that targets different skin issues (your facialist will help you to choose).


  1. Thank you for the information! I am from the Philippines and am trying to find the distributor of Casmara Products in Manila. Would you happen to have any informaion as to how to contact them? My e-mail address is if you have any leads.
    Thank you very much! buddy

  2. Currently I don't know, but you can try contact the HQ for distributors. I'll let you know if I find out anything ya.

  3. Im fron the Philippines too.. I just recently tried the Casmara mask but i had the Black one(forgot what's it called).. The facialist that did mine said that the distributor of the masks asked them not to sell it.. but they allow their costumers to bring the mask that was peeled off.. apparently you can re-use the mask (just store on your fridge) but it won't have the same effects since you skin already absorbed all the good stuff..

  4. Hi Ms Loraish..really? That's weird...why would the distributor doesn't want people to buy it...

    I never thought od that! Re-using gel masks! Good idea. =)

  5. Hi, i'm from the Philippines , i' ve tried casmara mask from one of leading facial center here. I felt so good that it really feels refreshing. My wrinkles became less visible. Please send me whose the distributor here in the Philippines. My email add is


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