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Coming from a humble background, I found solace in giving back to the community as a way of paying it forward by dividing my spare time with volunteer work.

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Skinfood Face Cheek Blush (highlighter) review

review skinfood face cheek blush highlighter
I bought Skin Food Face Cheek Blush 2 days ago in 1 Borneo, KK. I was looking for a highlighter (to highlight facial features & maybe, body!) there. I went to Sasa but all they have is the shimmery powder. Watsons, nay. I didn't see anything but compact powders of foundation powders. So Skin Food it was. I didn't wana go survey any further because i don't wana waste my time looking for that single thing only. The sales girl there was very nice, i don't know her name but she has this Phillipino accent, but she looks like a chinese~! Tall with long hair, she approached me, asking what i wanted. Nice, she's good and she sure knows what she was talking about. =)

Okay so..First, the packaging is really cute~! It's small and just the size of my fist (smaller). It has the Skin Food angel logo on top of the lid and descriptions on it's bottom.

review skinfood face cheek blush highlighter
This baby comes with a cute, furry little puff (love it~!). It has 3 holes (formed by ribbons) on top of it for your fingers to insert to for application. Too bad, it's not big enough for any of my fingers. It can just barely hang on the edge only. So to apply this, maybe hard. Other option would be using finger/ make up puff or make up brush.

review skinfood face cheek blush highlighter
The good thing is (beside the cute puff and holder), it has 5/5 points for hygiene~! It has this plastic cover for the powder inside it~! And the powder has a Skin Food angel on it~!

review skinfood face cheek blush highlighterHere's a swap of the powder on my hand. The texture is real nice(like how powders should feel like), it stick to the skin and scentless (is that a word??). When you have it on, you won't feel heavy coz you just need a litlle bit of it.

I did a make up already (only eyeshadow and blusher, no foundations, none on face) and wana let you all see the difference on having highlighter on and none at all. So here's my face before the highlighter.
review skinfood face cheek blush highlighter
And here's my face after applying the highlighter.

review skinfood face cheek blush highlighter

review skinfood face cheek blush highlighter
Notice my cheekbones,forehead and my nose- all highlighted. Like illuminated, see? Mine wasn't really that bright, but in real scenario it was enough already for me. So if you wana take pic or do some videos using highlighter, add it more than the real quantity you use to make your features stand out.

For those who don't know what highlighter is, it's used for making the features of any part (decollete, neck, nose, browbone,cheekbones,arms, etc) to stand out.

Here's some videos on how to use highlighter.

Za True White Foundation buy one get 1 refill free~!

za true white foundation
I was at 1 Borneo today and was looking for some highlighters for face. Well as i was at Watson's, i saw that the Za True White Two-Way Foundation has promotion~! With just RM48.90, you can have it WITH it's refill (heart aches). I bought mine without refill and boy was i heartbroken to see that~! Anyhuuu, it has all 4 shades- 20, 21, 22 and 32 (my shade).

tutorial natural make up
Well i feel like sharing my look for today, as in my make up. Here's my face after 8 hours of outing.

First, i put on Herbaline Sunscreen Lightening Cream (nano)with spf25, then i put on (the same way with) make up base, Ianti Make Up Base pump in Violet all over my face and neck (this base whitens my skin tone and it's wonderful~! It has spf15 too~!). When i put this on my eye area, i don't put it outwards, i put in inwards (under eye first), then outwards on my lids - no unwanted superficial lines on my under eyes. =)Then i put on my Revlon New Complexion Loose Face Powder in #02 all over my face and neck too. This baby comes with a puff, so to aplly it just puff it, not swipe-swipe, cuz you want the powder to STAY on your face, not to be swiped away and you think it's on when not a little of it is on your face (it's loose powder, it doesn't have to make much difference right?)

Then i start to curl my lashes with The Body Shop eyelash curler. I curl my lashes on 3 levels of it, the root, the middle and near the ends. Sometimes i just clip it on the ends and swipe it upwards (make sure you don't grip too hard or your man's gonna have a eyelashLESS girlfriend later~!)

Then i put coats of my Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost® Waterproof Mascara on my lashes. After applying, i love to use the tip of the mascara brush and tip it on the ends of my lashes to make it look longer. It really works~!

tutorial natural make up

Here are the stuff that i used: Clockwise: Revlon New Complexion Loose Face Powder in #02, Revlon Glossylicious in Lychee Sorbet, Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost® Waterproof Mascara, Ianti Make Up Base pump in Violet, Clinelle Lip Solutions SPF36 Moisturizing Lip Balm, The Body Shop eyelash curler.

As for my blusher, i use Silkygirl Blusher in Nectar Blush on the apples of my cheeks (smile and mush the brush on those two little apples you see).

Last but not least, my lips~! I used Clinelle Lip Solutions SPF36 Moisturizing Lip Balm (eventhough I'm gonna be at a mall, i still need to protect my lips from the sunray! It still can get my lips you know). After that, i used Revlon Glossylicious in Lychee Sorbet because I'll be watching movie too, and this lip gloss is thick and rich in fruity smell, so I don't think my lips are gonna get dry after 2 hours of movie (air conditioned, right?).

Finally, i use black and brown eyebrow pencil on my eyebrows to add more colours and learn to mix it up because if you use black only, your face will look scary. Trust me on this one. So that's it~!

tutorial natural make up
Thanks for reading~!

Vouchers on Cube and Maxprint~!

voucher for cube city mall and maxprint kota kinabalu sabah
Last week I went to stopped by at Ngiu Kee on my shopping spree in Centre Point, KK. The receipt I got has voucher prints on the back of it~! The shops are Cube at City Mall and 2 vouchers from Maxprint at Wawasan Plaza (the one near Bed, has Jusco that?)

For Cube ( a lounge ), it gives 20% off on ala carte only and it can be used from 6pm-9pm only~! That sound dinner time to me. =) The price there- like hotel’s. RM16-RM20++ per meal. Depends la, it’s quite nice actually, that place has open air and AC (air conditioner). I prefer the inside, it’s really romantic, last time me n my guy went there, we had candle light dinner- cuz the waiter saw us couple kan.

The Maxprint, don’t know, but I don’t go to Wawasan Plaza, so no comments on that one. It’s about cartridge I think coz it says there, “save up to 80%”, “Taiwan formulated ink”, “Print up to 2,000 pages” (wow that must be A LOT~!), “Maxrint Ink Supply System” and “1 year authorized warranty”.

The other voucher is on Maxprint (also), featuring 50% off on 2nd item purchased. The available toner cartridges are Canon, Brother, Xerox, Samsung, HP (yay!) and Lexmark. For further details, here’s the shop’s number- 088-253618.

Dove Chocolate~!

dove chocolate chicago united stats of america I saw Dove Chocolate's advertisement in one of Martha Stewart's recipe video just now~! I thought, hey is it Dove body care one, or is it a different one? And yes, it's different~!

The voice of the woman in the ad was so seducing and so i checked on it on the net. Turns out it's a brand from south of Chicago~!

"Because DOVE® creates chocolate indulgences and only chocolate indulgences, careful attention is paid to quality, ensuring a silky, smooth texture and delicious, lingering taste."

There are a lot of varietes of chocolate display from singles to bars to even ice creams~! You can also have your own personalized chocolate ~! It also includes sign up section for updates from My Dove Chocolate!

Golden Globes makeup and Make Up Session today~!

I saw a post yesterday by Cailin on Hayden Panettierre’s Golden Globes makeup~! I just simply love her make up here that i must write it and thank dear Cailin for sharing~!

Her make up is so fresh and nude, with her sultry eyes and pale-pinkish lips. Her hair looks gorgeous with the waves and twists and the volume. I would really try this look on one of my night outs~!

I just learnt something on this blog (and Cailin, thanks again!) that Neutrogena doesn't sell body care only, it sells make up~! Hayden's make up was mostly from Neutrogena's from Nourishing Eye Quad in Vintage Wine to Neutrogena Soft Color Blushes in Sunny Spice and Divine Wine~!

As for today's activities, we had a make up session (again!).

make up session at academy
They were all make up-ed in day-night look. That's why you can see difference in both sides of their faces.

 make up session at academyHere's my beautician, Dila. She was my model (for day-night make up) and after that we switched roles. She did a bridal make up on me, just like the rest of the batch of hers.
make up tutorial
I'll just explain my eye make up, the blushers and lipcolour is totall flexible for this look. She used Elianto Colour Studio Aurora Shadow in Wine Purple on my entire lids and shimmer black eyeshadow on the crease of my lids to form a socket eye look(from the outer lash to inner half of my lids).  But then she thought i didn't look good with sockets, so she put more purple on my lids. Then she used a medium-thick line of black liquid eyeliner on my upper lashline before and after she applied falsies. She added some highlights on my inner eye area, under brow area and did shading on my nose (make it look sharper). That's about it, and my brows were a mix of brown and black colour (you'll get a gray-ish colour after mixing, so add any of the colours as needed. Don't put too much of black as this will make you look really scary)

The seniors had did a make up rehearsal for their exam too recently. There was bridal and stage look!

Review: Elianto Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover in Pomegranate (110ml)

review Elianto Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover in Pomegranate (110ml)I bought Elianto Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover in Pomegranate (110ml) yesterday at Centre Point, KK. This baby is RM20 below, not sure. And there are 4 varieties for this range- Green Tea Lip & Eye Make-up Remover, Cucumber Lip & Eye Make Up Remover and Pomegranate Lip & EyeMake Up Remover. Each of them has oil to remove waterproof make up and it’s for all skin types~!.  It says that Pomegranate has rich antioxidant properties (yeah it IS true!), help the skin’s complexion.

On the description, “this gentle formula easily remove all waterproof and long-wearing eye & lip colour make-up, leaving skin clean, supple and free from oil residue. (You got that right, didn’t feel anything but squeaky clean finish!)” and the directions are, “shake well to mix the ingredient (yeah you need oil to remove the waterproof make up you know), pour optimum amount (I think it means SUFFICIENT amount) onto cotton wool (if I, I’ll put on cotton buds for my eyeliner) and wipe gently (especially on the eye area, it’s fragile you know, the thinnest part of all, 10x thinner than our body skin)”.
The mouth of the bottle is an open-up type and has a channel to let out the liquid inside. It's okay, since you can control the amount by pressing or not pressing the bottle and it comes out drop by drop, so no wastage here.
review Elianto Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover in Pomegranate (110ml)

Elianto Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover in Pomegranate has (well) pomegranate smell~! The smell’s fruity-pomegranate-like but won’t sting your nose la. The smell lingers until you apply the remover on your face. It has a very pale mixture of red-orange, and becomes milky when you shake it all up (mix the oil with the water). The texture is watery and you won’t need a lot of it to remove your make up at a time, unless it’s too heavy and needs re-wiping (is there such word??).

I would recommend this to remove your daily make up like eyeshadows on your lids, your blusher, your lipcolour. For eyeliners, use cotton buds but you need to really press and swipe harder to get the eyeliner off (it’s because eyeliner is applied between lashes. The cotton wool won’t be able to come in contact with the skin between the lashes.) As the tittle sounds, it’s okay for me. 7/10 for me.

Here’s the ingredients:
Aqua (water), sedium chloride (I think it’s sodium chloride), betaine, butylene,glycol, palaxamer 184, benzyl alcohol, benzalkanium chloride, butylene glycol, dicaprylate / dicaprate, cyclo-methicone, isohexadecane, aloe barabdensis (it’s aloe vera, FYI), CI42053, Fragrance.

Did I mention it’s made in Korea?

Dental Clinic & Surgery for my teeth~!

dental clinic & surgery kota kinabalu sabah
I went to Dental Clinic & Surgery at Api-Api Centre, KK recently for my aching tooth. U know like the pain you have when u have a bad tooth? Like that la but it’s weird cuz that part I have already plastered it a few months earlier.

This place has this system that the same dentist will treat you, not other doctors there (there are a few doctors working together there, part time). So my previous one was a chinese male doctor. I don’t like his work, like he doesn’t tell me that the white stain that can’t be removed from my front tooth is actually an indication of a bad tooth forming (yikes!).

Luckily, I got a female doctor. I forgot her name, but her style was so relaxed and like she’s your friend while she was working with me. I never felt like she’s my doctor. She looks like a mix of Pakistani.

Review: Casmara Algae Peel Off Mask Facial!

review casmara algae peel off mask facial
I recently went to this place for a facial on this particular brand, Casmara Suppose to be RM160 if u go to the 1 Borneo Beauty salon it seems. I got to know about this brand (it’s new) at the Slim & Beauty Sabah 2008.

So at this booth i went, there was a promotion on Casmara. Only RM50 for it's facial (suppose to be Rm160 the lady said).  Casmara is used on 2 places that i know, Beauty de Point, Likas and another shop in 1 Borneo. Beauty de Point is my mom's friend's place, so she chose there.

Beauty de Point is at Likas, the one near All Saints, at Mayang Sari (restaurant) there, there's a stair there, take it and the beauty salon is right in front of u on the right side a bit. If you need more assistance just email me.

The place is on the 1st-3rd floor if i'm not mistaken. It's a beauty academy too~! Teach students on beauty. Spa, facial and all. I didn't ask about the certificates they have there.

review casmara algae peel off mask facial
Here's the facial room. It's a room with 2 beds and 1 changing room (sweet!), complete with 1 washroom. I used my Rm50 coupon for Casmara products (the facial session will be done using Casmara only). My beautician is a lady who's working+studying there, her facial massage wasn't really nice, i didn't feel relaxed at all. The owner, my mother's friend is the one who does a nice job, my mother said (my mother got her as a beautician).

The mask i used was the Novanew Mask by Eden Beauty Group, Ireland. This mask restores the moisture balance of the skin. It contains a high level of moisturising substances. The pressure it exerts enhances the penetration of the active ingredients applied to the skin surface. Suitable for use on skin of any type and age and has a decongesting and refreshing action. (this is so true, the mask can be applied all over the neck and face, including the eye and lip area~! And it felt soooooooo refreshing and there was a  hint of mint! After 10 to 15 minutes, the masks dry to a solid gel form (very soft!)  that can be easily peeled off in one go. )

According to the group, (a Beauty Salon that distributes Casmara range to Beauty Salons in Ireland (North & South ), the Algae Peel Off Mask range is based on plant extracts such as Oats, Wheat and Soya  and there are 8 Algae Peel Off Masks that targets different skin issues (your facialist will help you to choose).


I just got my wifi back at home. I'm using wireless, well we have more than 1 laptops in the house. So wireless is the way to go. Recently the telephone cabel was ruined. I couldn't go to the net cuz if you want internet, you need the dial right. I dunno how's the situation but my mom got the Telekom people to come over and they sed it's because the cabel was done incorrectly. The wires are suppose to go through the house, not over the house. So all these while, the wires were exposed to the weather. And that's how the damage was done. Shit~!


My mom got the contractor who did on the wires. He was recommended by Telekom itself on getting the wires all set up. Damn la these people. Why they give stupid people like dat Jimmy guy? That's his real name. Chinese i think. Stupid guy i hope u read this. If you're a stupidumb head, DON'T~! He made all these stupid excuses for not going to the house to make it all right again. Shit la these kind of people. This kind of people better just rot in hell and be fed to the dogs or sharks~!

People like me, who has Tmnet bill to pay every month,
don't need this nuisance you know? I pay the bill every month, even if i don't use it. So it's a waste of money~! Huh, i tink i'm done, i already got my line now, so no use already. I just wana get it outta my chest la. =)

Thanks for reading~! Sorry if my layout (blog) isn't nice, i don't know how to make it in order, like how i want it. I'll learn it in my spare time. Seriously, if anyone knows, please tell~!

Review: Skinz UV White Facial Foam

review skinz uv white facial foam

I was very interested in using this brand. Why? Because it doesn’t have any parabens and it’s from Japan. Come on, who has the best tech in beauty, Japan’s one of the countries I must say. I saw this set kit at guardian at RM26.80. It’s kinda worth it as it has Skinz UV White Facial Foam worth Rm5 like dat, the Skinz UV White Intensive Night Cream, RM15 like dat and there’s a sunscreen included, Skinz UV White spf50++ High Impact Sunscreen (whoa~! It’s like 98-99 protection from the rays here!) priced at RM11.90 (sed on the box given free, oh well promoting technique). So total would be RMRM30++.

I’ll cover on the cleanser 1st aight? It’s Skinz UV White Facial Foam with sakura extract & lipo-vit C concentrate (dunno wat it is). It says to whiten and protect the skin.

review skinz uv white facial foam

The description is:
A mild cleanser that gently removes impurities, dull skin and refines pores for a smoother skin texture. Its 99% plant active formula cleanses and maintains skin’s moisture balance, while Sakura extract & Lipo-Vit C conbined with UV Filters (why would there be a UV filter in a cleanser?? We only have it on for like, seconds! Well I guess while cleansing we still need protection I suppose?) protect and whiten skin. (I don’t know about this sakura extract, about the whitening thingy.) Transform your skin into fairer, luminous and even-toned complexion. (well that’s something we all want right there!)

The ingredients are very honest, as in, well there’s a print of it on the box as well and it lists all the ingredients, unlike some products that are sold together in sets / kits, they only include the main ingredients like water, glycerin, polyphenols and such, not the dangerous ones like parabens.

The ingredients for Skinz UV White Facial Foam are water (water indicates a preservative is present), myristic acid, glycerin (a humectant, absorbs water from the air and act as a water barrier), palmitic acid, stearic acid, potassium hydroxide, potassium cocoyl glycinate, methyl propanediol, glyceryl stearate, avocado oil (great! Another moisturizing ingredient and best of all, it’s not on the last part of the list, meaning it’s used more than the rest of the ingredients after it’s mentioned), lauric acid, pentasodium triphosphate, polyquaternium-10, BHT (Never heard of this one but AHAs and BHAs), tetrasodium EDTA, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, sakura leaf extract, fragrance, methylisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol (a preservative, very good since it’s the last ingredient mentioned! -least usage of all)

The cleanser’s a solid one, like..the chocolate Mars. It’s a tube one so it’s like a toothpaste, only harder. The smell is like SeaWhite’s really. I used SeaWhite’s moisturizer before (loved the smell and texture, it really moisturizes!).

The cleanser’s suppose to be mixed with water and forms foams. It really did and I left it for like, 10 min on my face and only half of the foam was there. Like the stuff was absorbed into my skin already, the lather on my face was dry 80%. After rinsing, I didn’t feel any thightenings or discomforts, it says in the tube that it’s suitable for all skin types. Guess that’s right. I don’t know if the cleanser can be put on eye area, I didn’t. Unless it’s all 100% organic..then it would be a different story ain't it? =)

I would recommend this set for youngsters, those who's starting out to have a skin care regime. The stage where you don't really need complicated, troublesome steps and you just want a good cleanse and a good protection from the Sun (especially if you're an athlete! This is a must! Don't be like me =P). It's cheap some more, so parents, put on your money for this one! Safe, no danger and it's all in one price, RM26 for your 12-year old daughter!
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