Saturday, November 24, 2018

Review: I Love Yoo, Paradigm Mall Malaysia

During my KLIA2-Paradigm Mall (Petaling Jaya) trip, it was like, 6pm and I had Texas Chicken at about 4pm when I landed at the airport. I knew though, that I would be hungry at 10pm later and there will be no healthy food options around but chips - an idea of which I'm not too keen of.

So I wandered around Paradigm Mall - I was in the mood of light food. Noodles, rice or heavy protein like chicken chop were not appealing to me at that time. I know the top floor (1st, 2nd floor) has restaurants, Subway and Burger King - not light food. So I wondered to the basement level B1, knowing that there should be some grab n' go type of food there. I thought of Family Mart, but I don't fancy spicy food nor cold sandwich or onigiri.

I saw this place that has oyster all over it's menu (Oyster King),  Hot & Roll, MBG, Famous Amos and BOOM!

I saw porridge and yoo tiao ('cakui' for Sabahans) place. I've been wanting to try this place out but never had the circumstance (AKA mood) for it. That day was the day. =D

Their menu is pretty cool - you can have set meals or ala carte. There's Yoo Tiao with Soy Bean for RM5.94, Yoo Tiao with x2 soft boiled eggs for RM5.19, Fragrant Herbal Salted Chicken with Yoo Tiao AND porridge for RM14.06, they have it all covered here! Click on the picture below for I Love Yoo's menu and price.

Their food is reasonably priced and the fact that they are conveniently located in shopping malls, the slight mark up price from the usual Ah Sok / Aunty that you buy from near your house is acceptable. I got the Yoo Tiao with Porridge set (RM5.94).

Paid them money, got my nomnom's and Grab-ed my way home. A little 30minutes later I unpacked my Yoo Tiao and smelled of sesame and green onion! It was nice of them to pack my porridge in a non-plastic container and they hand me the food in paper bag instead of plastic bag, I really appreciate it.

The thing is...the yoo tiao was still crunchy! Not as crunchy as a hot one la, but the edges of it's skin was and the inside was soft; eating them was a joy and relief - usually yoo tiao's don't go well with the munching when they're cold, they'd be hard to chew already. So this point was a big A+ for I Love Yoo!

Overall, I'm pretty surprised with the yoo tiao, it exceeded my expectations. The porridge, I wish it has some bits of chicken or ginger slices in it tho, it was just porridge with sesame, soy sauce and green onions. But for RM5, I guess can't expect anything more right? Maybe you tapao the porridge then when you get home you add whatever the heck you want to add in it la ah.

And two thumbs up for the eco-friendly take-away rule! And oh, they are Halal certified. =D

Rating: 8/10

Will definitely come back to try their soy bean and their tau fu fa. Tee-hee.


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