Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Movie Review: Justice League 2017

So who has watched Justice League? The film got released on 16 November 2017 in Malaysia.


I watched it yesterday and TBH, (and I'm sorry to all DCEU fans out there) I don't quite like the movie. I feel it was rushed and for someone like me who don't really follow(or remember in this case) the story or read the comics, this movie has got a lot to take in!

First of all, this movie combines more than 2 superheroes. Usually you get Batman and Robin, Batman vs Superman, Iron Man and Spiderman, ok. Avengers aside, this movie combines Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and 3 new heroes - Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. Like can you imagine for one second, 3 strong characters (and by that I mean the public knows more of) and 3 additional characters? It's insane! It felt like the movie wanted to highlight all of the heroes, but unfortunately time isn't on their side, and because of this, the feelings or emotions that the Director would want viewers to feel, don't get delivered I'm afraid. 2 hours isn't enough to cram all these characters and story. Nope. 

And because of the 3 additional characters and with the movie story playing along, I feel I didn't really get to know the new characters. Like okay Aquaman we've got some story of him - abandoned by his mother, queen of the Atlantis and now he lives amongst humans; and that's obviously not the case - she loved him, had to leave him somewhere for his own safety. Cyborg, okay he got into an accident and his dad turned him into a superhuman cyborg. Flash, he got struck by lightning and then he got this superfast ability.


And while you put all these information in your head, you have Wonder Woman and Batman doing their best to locate and get these people onboard, the story of the Amazons, Atlanteans and another tribe protecting 3 cubes that was left after the bad guy Steppenwolf retreated, fight Superman briefly, Amy Adams reuniting with Superman, Clark Kent's mom appearing in and out, and of course I would be lying if Jason Momoa's Aquaman did not stir my hormones up.
Is it just me or is it getting hot in here
So yeah Aquaman was pretty distracting.

Another complaint I have is at the last part of the movie, why did the Justice League members went in to stop Steppenwolf without Superman? They know they need all the help they could get. They should've waited for Clark Kent to be done with Lois Lane back at the farm before hitting Steppenwolf at his lair in Russia. 

Superman back at his farm in Smallville, with Lois Lane

Aaand why did the Director let Batman let the scene where Batman was asked "What's your superpowers?" and he cooly replied "I'm rich" get into the film? That really made me look down on Batman from that moment on. I think it was The Flash who asked that question. What was he thinking??

Other than that..the movie has been entertaining! The Flash made the team lighthearted and gave some funny scenes. Batman was more humorous, not much his usual serious self. 

I say watch this movie if you want to see some superheroes, bad vs evil, save-the-world kind of movie. And oh, Aquaman. =)



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