Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Malaysia Handmade Market - Etsy Made Local Malaysia 2017
Hey guys!

Last weekend I went to Etsy Malaysia's Etsy Made Local Malaysia market at the Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia @Jalan Tandok, Bangsar. It was my first time there and getting a car park nearby was a bit of a challenge. But I managed to find a parking spot right outside the building, about 5 minutes walk under the sun.

The building is made up of conference rooms, meeting rooms, exhibition halls and offices of the big players in the field. And the market was held on the Ground, 4th, 5th and 6th floor. Entering the building, saw a registration-like setup in front of me so I got a free pinwheel after clicking "Going" to the event's Facebook page. Lol.

Making my way to the 6th floor, the first stall that I saw was Helping Hands Penan, selling these beautiful hand-woven bags and containers; perfect for groceries, bakery goods or even taking it to class to carry your books!

Etsy Made Local Malaysia 2017 Helping Hands Penan booth
Helping the Penan tribe of Sarawak, one bag at a time
Etsy Made Local Malaysia 2017 bags in white and pink
The white one is gorgeous!!
Next stall was by Mawar Aris Werkatelier. It offers handmade hijab dolls in small and big sizes. Quite cute! #muslimah

Etsy Made Local Malaysia 2017 Mawar Aris Werkatelier booth

Flatware accessories by Rainbow Accessories. They sell necklaces and bracelets that are made from flatwares, natural stones and beads. The designs and finishes are much more refined that what I normally see on handmade jewellery, definitely worth checking out!

Etsy Made Local Malaysia 2017 Rainbow Accessories booth

Here's BentukBentuk with their elegant items! Pencil stand, coaster, jewellery/plant holder - you name it, they have it.

BentukBentuk booth at Etsy Made Local Malaysia 2017

Jade facial roller anyone? You can get it for RM55 from Bisou Bonbon. Perfect gift for your mom or that friend who devotes her time and energy towards beauty.

Bisou Bonbon booth

So there were rows of vintage / unique dresses and tops for the ladies...and I spotted this!! Made-in-Hawaii shirts lol

Hawaii shirts anyone?
Made in Hawaii shirts guys!!
Hand pillow/arm rest, RM45 each by MGPatch (in pic, brown shelf). The pillow can be stuck together at the ends (velcro), hugging your hand or flatten out for both of your arms to rest on. Washing machine washable and the fabric is super soft! I would've got myself one if it wasn't for me owning one already.

MGPatch arm rest baby shoes

Look at these cute adorbs!! They're knitted with a pin at the back, so you can stick it on your canvas bag, pencil case, etc. The animals look so, sooo real you guys.

Handmade leatherware anyone? You can find keychain, tassels, cardholders, sling bags, passport holders - they have it all! Price starts from RM30+ - Fourjei

Fourjei booth selling leather bags, key chain, passport holders, make up bags

Vintage sunglasses / spectacles are making their way back! Lurveau Eyewear, a Malaysian company with it's own factory (if I heard her correctly) is pushing on this trend with their vintage Japanese / Korean eyewear, eye droppers and contact lenses. I would've bought myself one if it wasn't for the round face of mine - I just can't pull off a full-round or cat-eye frames. - . -

Lurveau Eyewear selling authentic vintage eyewears
Lurveau Eyewear, by a Malaysian company
Look at these beautiful, dainty animal totem jewellery dishes by Shelbijou! Price from RM35-RM55. The owner sells pendants too, and one in particular (in picture) is made of real Dandelion petals.

Animal totem dishes from Shelbijou
Totem dishes, perfect for storing bracelets, rings and necklaces
At the Ground floor, Bakeology was there with their Classic Butter Bun (Vanilla bean flavour), Berries & Seeds Oatmeal cookies, Kaffir Lime Biscotti, marmalade and Cranberry jams!

Bakeology Classic Butter bun, cookies, jams and pie
Their pies were almost out!
Also on the same floor, Kasi Melts with their unique ice cream flavours - Cham (Coffee + Tea), Kokolate (Malaysia's Cocoa), Gula Melaka and Lime Yogurt. I was torn between Cham and Kokolate, Cham had this bitter-sweet of a coffee and Kokolate was rich but not too sweet - just how I like it. In the end I chose Kokolate lol.

Kasi Melts booth offering handmade ice creams
I was next in line! I feel excited still looking at this pic.
You can choose to have the ice cream only (in cup with wooden spoon) or sandwich (like below pic) - they'll toast a thick bread, spread sliced bananas on it and dunk their ice cream before folding the bread in half. Baahh I'm hungry again.

Sandwich ice cream by Kasi Melts
Toast, banana + syrup and rich ice cream = BLISS
It's amazing how creative people can be, there were handmade knitted dolls, custom notebooks, funny bookmarks, vintage sunglasses, ceramic decor, beauty stuff, and let's not forget the food! Here's a stall that sells funny, quirky stamps for RM25 each.
Funny, unique stamps at Etsy Made Local Malaysia 2017
My favourite is the "100 Percent Bull*hit". Haha!
Aaaand that is it! I'm glad I went to the market, it was definitely worth it. I think it would be a perfect place to hunt for birthday presents or Christmas gifts. The only drawback that I experience was the space was just too small to cater for the volume of people that were coming, 30% of the time I had to skip a few stalls because there were just no space to move in or out.

Here's a list of the participating businesses on Etsy Malaysia's Facebook page. And this is not all of the pictures I took, checkout my instagram @d3lilah for more pictures! 



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