Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hi all! I know it's been months since my last post and you know why? Because I have a new website already! Address? I give you one chance to guess.

Yeap, correct! It's! I don't think you need another second more to guess right? xD

I actually had this blog on early May again, but I seriously had no time to post up an announcement here and let you all know about it. Now that I'm having my Raya holiday and back in Kota Kinabalu already, I've got time to spend with Glamiva again! =D

Why May?
I actually waited for May to come as May is my birth month. =) Thinking every year I'd be celebrating it's birthday, might as well celebrate it together with mine! How nice is that~

Newsletter Subscribers, Please Re-Subscribe!
Another important thing to announce is that since I got a new blog, it has a new feed and current newsletter subscribers won't get updates as you're currently subscribed to the's feed. You can simply go to my blog at and enter your email address on the top right side of the blog or you can go to my rss feed at and you can also bookmark it from there using podcatchers such as My Yahoo!, Podnova, netvibes, Bitty Browser and so many more! For iTunes users, you can add my rss feed at pcast://

So please please please do resubscribe again, I apologize for this inconvenience and promise you I won't be changing anything anymore after this. =) Only one more time~

For those of you who'd missed my "Daily Activities", you can catch up at My Diary section and read up. Actually it's not all perfect yet, I've still got a lot more days of posts to post but haven't got the time to write. Promise will do soon!

Thank you very much for all these years of service and I truly value your platform and all of the invaluable lessons learnt. Thank you thank you!

See you there! Website:, RSS feed:

Shine on,


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