Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zizan (Raja Lawak) and Dira: TV3's 'Melodi' Hosts!
tv3 melodi zizan raja lawak dan dira
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This morning, I woke up...errrr wait, it was 12pm already actually. xD Let me re-phrase.

This afternoon, sharp 12pm, I woke up and turned the Sony Bravia tv on. Tv3 showed 'Melodi' and wut?? Zizan and who's that other girl?? What happened to Wahid and Fara??

So straightaway I Googled. xD Berita Harian Online reported that starting this April 2011, Zizan (Raja Lawak) and Dira Abu Zahar will be co-hosts for TV3's 'Melodi' show. Time would still be the same, every Sunday at 12.30pm.

Why The Change?
It seems that Wahid and Fara's host contract was expiring until end of March 2011, so the show's publisher, Azman Abd. Ghafar stated that after deep discussion several months before, a change of the front cover seems strategic and reasonable.

For Wahid's fans, you can still catch him in his spontaneous acts in a new show titled 'Ewah-Ewah' with Nabil that will be aired on TV3 this April! Wohoo! Fara? Don't know...not stated eh. All in all, all the best for these four in their new ventures!

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