Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Poll Result: Politicians Are Hindering The Process of Achieving National Unity
Yayasan Satu Malaysia created a poll and the result is that "politicians are hindering the process of achieving national unity."

The question was;
"Are politicians helping or hindering the process of achieving national unity?"

72% says 'Hindering'
21% says 'Helping'
7% says 'Not Sure'

Chandra said, "Eliminate race based parties and politics, but to that it will take a strong personality from the ruling government to do so."

Izham said, "Race-based parties will always mean that the champion of the party will practice the 'my race comes first' mentality."

Del Says...
I agree with Chandra. Actually I'm one of the 7% people. xD I'm not so into politics...but it seems true what both Chandra and Izham says there, we do have race-based politic parties..don't know why aa?

Shine on,

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