Sunday, April 3, 2011

Daily Activity: Back from Sunway, Hello Klang!
Hey all! I just got back to Klang today morning from Sunway. Yesterday, the graduation was a success, tho a bit of downs at some corners of it. But I'm glad. Glad it's over, glad I experienced it! xD

I stayed at Sun Inn Hotel all 3 days since last Friday and the hotel is just 5 minutes of walking distance from Sunway Pyramid. About 5 minutes only reached already, betul aa, bukan tipu ni.

Mom and I parted around 11am like that- she wanted to do some shopping before heading to KLIA. =( I felt sad when she left...still am. Maybe I'm getting the home sick thing now. And yes I'm crying. Again. Oh lord. I smelt the pillow where her hair slept 2 nights in a row and can still smell the mild smell of her hair..I cried. I guess I really am home sick. Mom sick, cat sick, bed sick, bedroom view sick, bathroom sick, shower sick, the wooden stair sick, the creaking fan sick ...I can continue on and on man.

Moving along! xD So I checked out some minutes after 12pm then waited for Woman to come and pick me up. It wasn't long before she arrived with her family, only like, 10 minutes of wait la on the side of the road. This time I still felt the gurgling sensation in my stomach. I ate a lot of food yesterday, seriously. We had steamboat. Nuff said.

Reached Klang in less than 30 minutes man. So near! xD I got up to the condo...loaded our stuff on the pink bed...(the bed was quite invincible after we were done)

Woman went out then to be with Aunty H and her family started to go back home already. I on the other hand....had to return back a blouse I bought for the graduation from Nichii. It said that I have 7 days to return it back and exchange it for a different size. So I had to go to Jusco Bukit Tinggi via cab and thank god the price wasn't bad, RM20. Made friends with the driver as well. xD Cab drivers aren't actually as poor as we think they are...believe me.

So I exchanged the size of the blouse already...thank god....then I had a shopping spree a bit using my first gaji! Wohoo! xD Bought Hush Puppies and Larrie shoes. The Larrie shoe was surprisingly comfortable, super duper soft to the touch and has cushions all over the surface and my feet felt bliss when I slipped my aching feet into it. So the Hush Puppies obviously is mine and the Larrie would be for my mom. She would surely love it, seriously. It's like the best shoe ever, even the Hush Puppies can't beat the comfort it gives. Bought some grocery...nothing much, just fruits and my Fitness First cereal. =D

I got back home around....6pm. Then went to Digi Centre in Centro to pay for my Digi broadband bill. Only RM41.++! I thought I'm to pay RM68....maybe next month eyh? xD

That's it! Done. xD I kinda promised to post up pictures on my journey here to Klang...but still no time to do it and it's already 10.16pm.... =( I hope I'll be able to get some time to do la...I seriously lack time! xD

Shine on,


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