Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Digi Broadband
On the day I had my lunch at Palm Cafe, Centre Point, I got myself a broadband wireless from Digi! It's my first broadband and I hope I'm not making a bad decision here. xD

We first went up to the Digi Specialized Store at Api-Api Centre but then the guard told us that the centre had ran out of stock for the modems. Ooooookkaaayyyy....and so he told us to go to their branch at Centre Point 2nd floor.

bought digi broadband at centre point kota kinabalu sabah on february 2011

I knew it was this type of shop- kiosk, only. xD So we got there and saw some broadband packages on pamphlets. Nice. =)

They sure got a lot of modems to be sold.

bought digi broadband at centre point kota kinabalu sabah on february 2011

There were three Digi broadband packages to choose from;
RM38 for 3GB quota, only good from 7am till 7pm daily.
RM68 for 3GB quota.
This one I forgot but the website says it's RM108 for 10GB quota.

There's another one at RM158 for 16GB but it wasn't stated there on the brochure. The girl said that all of the packages's broadband speed is the same- 700kbps. The only difference is the quota- the higher you need for a month, the higher the price you have to pay. The good thing about Digi Broadband is that if you exceed your quota, you won't be charged extra, just that the connection will be slower. Other broadband providers will charge you- that's not a good idea.

So hun paid RM100 for registration fee and RM30 only for the first month of using. Payment was told that we can make it at any Digi centres. =D Sweet! We can pay online but alang-alang la since hun pays his bills manually at Digi too. xD

bought digi broadband at centre point kota kinabalu sabah on february 2011

Thanks hun!

I can't say much about this yet as I haven't really got time to test it out all day. Will be doing it in 1-2 months time. =)

Shine on,


  1. Congrats sama ko punya digi BB.. i'm using celcom owh but kand2 ni bb pandai moody jua owh..isk..sebab sa tinggal d PJ, telipok..line kurang okey but may be Digi in ur area is okwy owh kan

  2. so, which package u've chosen? is it ok? i wanted to get 1 also....but have no idea which 1 to take...:)

  3. Hi Beaty! Oooohh i see...mmm, ada saya try, ok2 juga tapi kalau video la yg best- tunggu lama. xD

    Hi Dev! I choose the RM68 one cuz this broadband is for my use at night in KL later and I won't need it for games or downloads.


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