Thursday, February 3, 2011

Latest Update on Cairo: 3 Feb Gets Worse and Malaysian Students from Al-Azhar Told to Come Back Home
Up until now 3rd February 2011, I've seen the situation there in Cairo, Egypt has become worsened and uglier. I watched the updates on CNN and Al-Jazeera as mom and dad would tune into these two every now and then. We have a family member there, my brother studying medicine in the Al-Azhar University.

More Protesters
Yesterday there were more people joining the protest in mass volume from all sides of the Thahrir Square. The tv showed 5 main roads that leads to that Thahrir Square and all were packed with people heading towards it's centre and showed no signs of people leaving or backing down. Tents were made and people were reported to be working together in supplying food and healing injured people.

It Gets Uglier, with Camel Riders
Yesterday camel riders were seen appearing within the protesters's crowd. Later in the evening we found out that they are actually Mubarak's people and this morning I saw these camel riders holding sticks and whips and were reported to have threwn stones too at the public.

4 Deaths
CNN reported that there have already been 4 deaths and a lot of injuries from this once called a "a peaceful protest", thanks to the army and Mubarak's supporters. Very saddening and shameful to listen to this type of news, coming from an Islam country and I myself am a Muslim where Islam teaches peace and unity amongst people. Scary to see people dragging a person's legs, not knowing whether they're still alive or not.

Fires and Molotov Cocktails
Shocked to hear that there had been handmade molotov's threwn all night and fires were caught on buildings and trees.

10,000 Escaped Prisoners
I didn't hear this but mom and my little brother saw on the news recently that there had been about 10,000 prisoners have escaped in Egypt. Things couldn't have been much worse than this. Imagine all rapists, murderers, burglars, terrorists even, roaming in the grounds of Egypt with the chaos happening. It's insane.

Reporters Injured
Another shameful act by those who don't want their news covered by reporters. CNN's reporters were 'terrorized' by people for holding out the camera against the public. People were said "throwing punches" and trying to grab his camera. Even water were threwn at those poor men. One of the reporter was punched in the head. One Egyptian reporter was filmed with injuries and his head was bleeding.

Brother Told to Come Back Home
I don't know if this applies to all Malaysian students in Egypt but my brother had been told to come back to Malaysia today. He's a student in Al-Azhar University. I think mom was super relieved to hear that as she had been urging dad to call him ever since midnight last night. xD Yay!! That would give us a peace of mind really. It really was scary to see the chaos live on tv and thinking our family's there. Scary. Totally scary.

Shine on,


  1. Tu, brother told to come back yesterday dat....think around today-tomorrow la sampai, depending how many stops he makes. But usually 1 day saja tu...

  2. i just saw ur comment on my blog.

    they sent the mothers n children first? aik? why? i saw some of the students came already on the news. so he's still there?

  3. Ya..hmmm i see, dunno la bout dat...he's still there, waiting to come home. xD I see on news that some students managed to buy tickets back to m'sia earlier, guess them la dat.

    Got 50 people will be chosen to come back straight to sabah today, itu pun 50. They got thousands there.

  4. punyalah. kesian lah ur brother still stucked there. hopefully he'll be home soon.

  5. Latest news. He'll be on flight 10th feb. Ada giliran da~


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