Thursday, February 17, 2011

Facebook Nightclub City: Fight Night Help Tips
I'm sure your'e pretty much puzzled on how to succeed in the Fight Night party in the most famous clubbing application on Facebook, Nightclub City. I was too, until I've did some trial and errors, with surfing the net for the possible tips to achieve the perfect 20 fights in the 10-minute period.

The Story
So here's the thing. My club in the DJ Alley gets to have 8 parties and one of it is the Fight Night party.

Nightclub City Fight Night Party Sypnosis
Everyone loves a good bar fight and some will even pay to watch. Cash in on this by throwing a Fight Night party.

Fight Night Goals
Earn minimum cash of $15,000
Boot at least 20 troublemakers

Note: Troublemakers means the ones who start the fight, not both of the troublemakers.

How To Start a Fight?
In order to start a fight, you need;
Jerks in your club. A lot of them if you can, as they usually are the ones who starts the fights.
Have big space for your visitors to fight
Low luxury and popularity
Finally, double the amount of your normal bouncers. I started Fight Night with 3 bouncers and ended up with 5 bouncers. The fights just broke off like chicken eggs in the morning!

Facebook Nightclub City Strategy Help Tips
So I've decided to finally clear all my stuff in my club and put the essential items only. I did this one day before the party so that my popularity will decrease in time for the party. I put these items only;

DJ Booth- DJ System 5000
Dance floors- The Industrial Dance Floor
Two bars with Bar Storages- Retro Trendy Bar - I didn't use the cheaper ones as they don't affect the luxury level
Several seats that has only 10 luxury each- I put 9 of them.

facebook nightclub city fight night party help tips

In the end of this re-decoration, my club's popularity was only around 350 and luxury 120.

During Fight Night Party
During the party, it was super crazy at the start! The Jerks started to fight all the way like, one second at this corner and another over there and another and another and another! It was like fireworks! I had like, 3 fights at a time, twice!

facebook nightclub city fight night party help tips

Below is a snapshot of my achievement for Fight Night party, several seconds before it ended. I got $36,622 and booted 30 out of 20 troublemakers! Yay me!

facebook nightclub city fight night party help tips

Nightclub City Fight Night Mastery Achievement
And so I got the Fight Night award, 80 points and $50,000 cash!

facebook nightclub city fight night party help tips

Hope I've helped you out there and do comment- how are you doing with Fight Night?

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