Wednesday, February 16, 2011

China Rice Grains Contain Dangerous Heavy Metals
In Beijing, the rice produced (dikeluarkan) by China is polluted with heavy metals since years ago. BH Harian reported.

The Story
Up to 10% of the total are polluted with dangerous heavy metals such as cadmium since several years ago but not much had been done to expose this health-threatening situation, according to magazine New Century.

The magazine reported that during the amazing industrial growth of China, activities such as mining pops up all over the place and hence releases chemical elements such as cadmium, arsenic, mercury and other dangerous heavy metals.

Polluted Soil, Polluted Food
These metals are spread wide open via air and water and pollute the vast soils in China. Food chain pollution had been existing since several years ago. For example, polluted corn grows on polluted soil, polluted corn gets eaten by polluted chickens, polluted chickens get eaten by polluted...oh no. Gets eaten by humans finally. Same goes to the rice grains- rice grains gets polluted, we get sick eating them. Eventually.

This report above was based on the year 2007, 4 years ago and was focused on several inland villages in southern China with mining areas and industrial areas nearby. The citizens, or should I say villagers, especially the old ones, suffer health problems such as bone disease.

It Gets Scarier
Amongst the grains, rice has the strongest absorption rate of cadmium that always seeps into the water used for paddy fields's water system near plumbum, tin and copper mines.

Bottom line? Don't get China rice grains. Period. Thank god mom buys Malaysian rice. xD Beras wangi all the way baby~

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