Monday, January 31, 2011

Stageless at Starbucks Palm Square by Badnwidth Magazine
stageless event at starbucks palm square centre point by bandwidth magazine on february 2011

Presented by Bandwidth Magazine, KK's no. 1 Free Music, Entertainment and Lifestyle Magazine- An acoustic session, open for the public to sit with your Starbucks mug whilst enjoying a number of singing performances by a number of Sabah's finest acts. This is great for those who loves a night of live band playing while sipping your favorite cuppa from Starbucks or just plain addicted on supporting our local artists.

Jade Sisters
The Retrock
Bring Back the Arcade
Joanna Quintin
A Sky Collapse Triangle

There'll be a 10% discount off any purchases at Starbucks Palm Square throughout this event!

19 February 2011 (Saturday)
6pm - 9pm
Starbucks, Palm Square, Centre Point, Sabah.

RSVP at their Facebook event!

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