Saturday, January 1, 2011

Someone Pressuring You to...
Spend them? Belanja makan. What's more, you don't even know this person, personally. What would you do if they keep on hinting you to buy them food? Wat da pineapple is wrong with this type of behavior?? No money? Heck no.

The Story

I have a friend whom I met via online and the profile was for public use- to network and meet up new people. And so I met this one guy. He seems nice and not into me for sex or anything about attraction, which is good and what I expect from all the guys who added me in that account.

Let's call him Kenny. Kenny's into building website businesses and so he and I clicked while chatting- and yes, he has a source of income. But there's this behavior of him that's pretty annoying. He knows I don't work for anybody- yet and I'm super younger than him. My annoyance started one day when he said he's hungry and I told him I was eating pizza. He said oooh he's jealous and all.

Starting from there he started to pester me about food- the next day he asked if I want to spend him pizza. Then, being nice and not knowing about this crazy act of his, I got along (no serious here, just being nice) until at one point he said he'd go to my house just to eat the pizza. He even asked for the address and he said didn't know it, so told me he'd google it. Omg. Then I realize, this is a chronic one.

Then there were days while we're in the middle of just casual talk or about something, then he'd say, lapar....then it was either he said he'll go cook some food or again, hint about it to make me spend him. He acted as if he's my child, go all mushy and ask for food.

I can't stand it anymore when today, on the first day of the year 2011, he chat with me saying (name has been changed),

Kenny: Morning =)
Kenny: New Year
Me: Happy New Year!!

we talked about countdowns and our progress in the game Farm Ville- how much money I have already and all when suddenly...

Kenny: i'm hungryyyyy
Kenny: Go eat la
Kenny: Request: mi sedap
Kenny: Wait for you to send
Me: ?
Me: My house has no mi sedap (which was true, we don't eat instant noodles)
Kenny: KFC....?
Me: (starting to get annoyed) None (also true- who the heck has KFC in their house at 10am in the morning??)
Kenny: Suddenly I remember pizza
Kenny: haiyaaaaaaa
Me: Go buy some
Kenny: Just like roti canai last time... (don't know why he brought this up but I have a feeling he asked me to belanja him roti canai last time, maybe)
Me: aha
Kenny: Later la I buy...
Kenny: Tunggu kau belanja =D (and so I started to explode)
Me: You have a job right. I don't. Means you're better off than me. You're a man, I'm a woman. It should've been me who's asking for spending me food here. (in the most polite way as I can, no exclamation marks or hints of anger. Well maybe lots of sarcasm there)

Took him a long time to answer, like 2 minutes

Kenny: Uiiiii
Kenny: It's not like you'd want to if I ask you out... (he never did ask me out for a drink or anything)
Me: I'm talking about you asking me for food.
Kenny: =p =p (yes he put double of the =p, how annoying is it) Saja....test2.
Me: Rasa2 mau test lagi?
Kenny: mana tau you want to spend me...hehe (more wut-da-pineapple reaction here)
Me: rasa2 mau test lagi? (i hate it when somebody ignores the question but continues with their talk in their freakin world)
Kenny: Hehe...I was just playing ba =)
Me: of course main2 saja.

Another moment of silence, like he's thinking what to say next.

Kenny: wait you to have free time la...then I spend you. Watch the movies ka...hehe
Me: Now not ngam (true, I'm not as free as you think)

I told him I was going to have my breakfast and got to go. Which, wasn't true. I thought it was awkward already to be talking to him. I mean, the confrontation kinda ruined the friendship, the connection, whatever you call it. This sucks and I hope to not meet anybody like sort anymore. Please God.

I mean come on la, we never meet face to face, we never even hear each other's voices and you're asking me to spend you food? Sure call it exaggerating here but I don't think that's appropriate. He has a job, I don't, he's a man and I'm the lady here and he's older than me. That has is a social crime if you ask me. No etiquette at all- but if you're my best friend from high school, biarla pizza, even a high tea at Hyatt I'll spend you, because you're worth spending on to. Right?

To minimize this type of risk, I'm not going to approve any requests that has no real picture of the person. Like, maybe they just have 1 profile picture and it has David Beckham as the primary picture. I won't approve that type.

I don't care what happens to this connection anymore for I don't think it's a positive one and he asked for it. I won't tagi (ask) of him to spend me anything eventough he said it just now. He was just saying that to cover his embarrassed bum-bum if you ask me. I never asked anybody to spend me, not even once. Maybe when I was small and uncles and aunties would give me sweets and stuff, but that was on their own will, not asked from.

The end.

Shine on,


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