Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snowy is Sick
Snowy is sick. It's been 4 days since he started to not eating and don't play anymore. I didn't want to post anything about my cats since...Bensi got sick and...left. I didn't take pictures of him being sick because I don't want to remember the moments he got himself sick. Only happy times la.

So anyhuu...Snowy's been sick since Monday this week. He first on Monday night seemed not feeling well. He didn't catch cockroaches...didn't scratch his toy running hissing with the little semi-stray the next day, his breath started to sound hard. Like got 'kahak' in there. His mouth dripping with smelly saliva and he couldn't close his mouth. Eyes lembik saja. So to the vet he went on Tuesday morning.

Accident at Jalan Lintas
On the way home, I saw an accident at Jalan Lintas. It wasn't a really bad one sampai ada yang mati, just car damages la.

Not Eating
Snowy started to not eat on that very same night Monday. He didn't want to eat at all nor drink. He was upstairs either in my room or parents's room, sitting, sleeping, mengenangkan nasibnya yang malang. His body temperature has gotten down...but not enough to make him play back.

I'm super worried, because this was like how Bensi was, only that his saliva's smell isn't as bad. I"m so glad Snowy didn't disappear like Bensi did....I'd be....totally crushed. Totally wrecked inside. Snowy's the first to be in the house, then Bensi. If Bensi I'm already like, even worse from all the experiences, feelings I had dealing with previous breakups with ex-boyfriends, I don't know la how if something happens to Snowy.

Today would be his last day getting his shot. I hope no more sickness la after this...

Shine on,


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