Monday, January 24, 2011

Snowy is Sick- 7th Day
Today is the first day of Snowy's medicine course! He has been given...err I mean I was given antibiotic, vitamin B Complex and pain killer, which mom doesn't approve of consuming it. xD

Today Snowy felt heavier now. He's getting his normal weight back. The first day I sent him to Sabah Animal Medical Centre on his first day, he was just 3.1 kg. Normally he's about 4kg! xD

I kinda feel he ate a bird yesterday...because I saw bird feathers on the kitchen floor. Don't think it would be the stray cats, they wouldn't want to put their food in the house for they fear us humans and would run at the sight of us. So who else can it be but our little monkey cat? xD

Early Wake Up Massage
Pretty happy by this, but not sooooo happy about it either! Why? Because I was forced by Snowy to wake up at 4.48am today! He massaged my arms and neck just like how he use to do before he got sick! I was like, "awwww he got better already...." but at the same time, "Eeeeiiiisssshhh kacau saja dia ni tau". xD I was super sleepy!

What do I mean by he massaging? He really do massage! He'd put both of his hands on any flesh on any part of my body, mostly my neck and my arms and start pushing his paws back and forth, clawing into my skin as he goes upfront. It was a bother and a happy thing at the same time, that means he's getting much much better!

Last2 I gave in. I can't stand him and his claws! xD He'd even put his paws over my lip, no manners this baby of mine.

He Eats...
So far since he's recovering, he eats dried cat food or the wet cat food in cans. He's more to the dried ones tho, not sure why. Give him fresh fried fish or anything like that he won't even lick it. xD I guess sick cats have mood swings with food too. =p

So far today he has eaten....around....4 times! But he eats little as usual but at least he's eating more frequently...if it weren't for me being away from the afternoon until late night, he'd be having more than just 4 meals today. xD

I hope he'd be recovering soon..his meds, antibiotic will be on for 5 days while his vitamin will be on for 3 days only. =)

Shine on,


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