Monday, January 3, 2011

Shameful Tanjung Aru Beach- Natalie Cares
Today I went to Tanjung Aru Beach and I think I need to post pictures of the dirty beach so that something will be done besides the fact that I never threw rubbish anywhere but to the proper place- dustbins in any type of form.

dirty tanjung aru beach at kota kinabalu by natalie

I tell you- there were loads more genes of this scene there at the beach. Cares! ..and it's Embarrassing

I don't know about you but I heard DJ Natalie told us listeners on a national radio broadcast the day I returned books about her experience at Tanjung Aru. Rubbish everywhere! Boy was I soooo ashamed, for all us Sabahans, especially Sabahans in Kota Kinabalu!

Can you imagine this, somebody from West Malaysia is telling is to keep our beaches clean and I still remember the exact words and quote- "Clean up after yourselves". Holy molly!! I'm so ashamed, enraged, sad, all mixed up at the same time. At least somebody should be hiring somebody to clean up the beach on daily basis or something. Ini tiada. And it's at the heartbeat of KK, nearest to the airport. What a wonderful display of cleanliness to tourists.

Funny Picture

I put some words on it. Enjoy.

dirty tanjung aru beach at kota kinabalu by natalie

I just thought about this- people will think more of we Sabahans as people who live in tree houses when they see this. Let's not put more hurt to the injury here.

I hope all of us will team up and keep our beach clean. In fact, let's make it a bigger area to cover- everywhere in the world! Keep it clean man for God's sake.

Shine on,


  1. Employing more workers to clean up the beach will just encourage more irresponsible behaviour by the visiting public.. "Don't worry, someone will clean this up."

    Perhaps people need a stronger reminder to be more civic minded.. like a heavy fine.

  2. malunya tu..adeiii..
    satu malaysia bha dgr tu kan??

  3. odoi gia..kesian gia tg aru.. mentang2 public beach.. smua org inda peduli kn. cuba gia ksi privatized tu.baru tau smua org. this used to be my playground when i was a child. inda penah buang smpah a.. :)

  4. Hey David! Agree, but I think the initial stage should be it cuz at least the damage won't be seen then slowly get the public to care for the environment...xD I do agree! I think people don't take the RM500 fine is enough to make them think twice.

    Hi Pinung is VizarD! Ya ba, di ba saya dengar. Ndatau kalau semua area dia cover, tapi i'm pretty sure kl, kk sama sarawak dgr.

    Hi Dreamchaser! Hehe mgkin begitu baru teda sampah suda kan. xD


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