Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sabahans Trying Enter the Malaysia Book of Records!
sabahans heidilee mohammad and stephanie chok to enter malaysia book of records in the malaysia's longest distance cycling category on january 2011
EYEING MALAYSIAN RECORD: Heidilee (centre) poses with Boosyn (second left) and other riders from Tatau.

Borneo Post online reported that two Sabahans are going to cycle their way to enter the Malaysia Book of Records in the "Malaysia’s Longest Distance Cycling" category.

Our Sabahans, Heidilee Mohammad, 27 years old and Stephanie Chok, 29 years old are confident that they can succeed by breaking the previous record 4,847 km set by two riders from Peninsular Malaysia by recording a new one, 6,000 km! That's a pretty big gap over there if you ask me. And they're confident about this!

They're going to start cycling from 1 January 2011 till 31 January 2011 and so far they only need another 60km to reach 3,000km! Phew far more to go man.

Rough Time in Sarawak
Heidilee told that they had a rough time arriving from Sibu to Bintulu last Sunday night. The riders, who were escorted by other riders- Janet Chok,33, Daud Mohammad,34 and Masita Mohd Jalil,36 were greeted by 10 members from the Tatau Riders Club. Awww how nice of them..

From Kuching to Bintulu, Heidilee said they had difficulty of locating rest spots, “and for sure with non-stop cycling without rest it is quite tough physically to riders to reach the next destination." Around 5 pm, his body shook because of hunger.

I agree. Cycling non-stop is a strenuous exercise...or should I say a form of torture to the body, especially if you're not really ready for it mentally and physically. I have to say these two are very brave and courageous to win the record. They can be called Sabahan Fighters! xD

Worse Time in Sabah?
“What I can tell you is that the most challenging are the rolling hills, starting from Kuching until Bintulu; unlike in Peninsula where we only faced headwind and tailwind but in Sarawak every challenge is there (headwind, tailwind, dragon tail) and the worse awaiting us is Sabah, especially its hills,” he pointed out.

I never heard of such winds in my life! xD I do agree that Sabah has such complex geographical textures and the terrain would sure be harder than in Sarawak for we here have sooo many hills and mountains. xD God bless you both!

Lesser Tyre Punctures Than Peninsular Malaysia?
Whoa this is an interesting find by the group. He stated that he and Stephanie experienced 1 tyre puncture only in Sarawak than 13 tyre punctures in the peninsula. OMG. Even Borneo's roads are super different than peninsula's! xD Funny funny.

“We are confident that we can break the previous record and hopefully the rims will be just fine till the end of the journey. For that reason we have to maintain the condition of the bicycle so that it can last and function properly,” he added.

Yeah I agree. Wonder if they can replace bikes...but that I think would disqualify them. Well, good luck and all our best wishes goes out to you both Heidilee!

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