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Review: My Ex: Haunted Lover from Thailand
This movie wasn't something I was looking forward to watch. It was just because nothing else was on the plate and hun picked out the movie, thinking it was a USA movie. xD Oh boy...

review horror movie my ex haunted lover from thailand by badin duke marion affolter and pete thong-jeur
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My Ex: Haunted Lover Sypnosis

Affair and love triangle happen. It is inevitable that one has to lose the love in the end. What would happen if the loser isn't human and not willing to give in? Will they ever find a way out? Can this kind of entwining love be resolved?

review horror movie my ex haunted lover from thailand by badin duke marion affolter and pete thong-jeur
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Source from Growball Cinemax

Surely this sounds like a vengance kind of plot and horror.

My Ex: Haunted Lover Cast

Badin Duke
Marion Affolter
Pete Thong-jeur
Ratchawin Wongviriya
Thongpoom Siripipat
Uttama Chiw

Del Says...

This movie, was an understandable one, thank God. I have to say that past Thailand horror movies was a blurr on the storyline and it was a complete turn-off. Glad to say this movie wasn'a disappointment for me. The sound system at Growball Cinemax Hall 5 was enough to make me shocked or scared up my feet whenever it goes at certain scenes and yes, it contributed a lot to the scare factor of the movie.

This movie aroused such detective in me- like, who's the killer here? Was it the man or the ex-boyfriend? Does the sister like that old man? Will she ever get him? Why was there a construction of a place for Thailand-type of praying in an island resort? What's being dug up there, or burried. A lot of suspicion and wondering came to me during the movie man. xD

review horror movie my ex haunted lover from thailand by badin duke marion affolter and pete thong-jeur
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Ghosts appear even in the middle of the day....cute heroin gets scared throughout the movie and gets wooed by a wealthy man. No wonder this is the number one box office hit in Thailand.

Finally, the ending. The ending was the only thing I hate in this movie. I mean, who the pineapples is that stranger man?? Why is he mad about the news the trio died in the resort?? Then saw a picture of him and the killer together (a couple) and the end. I mean, who's he?? Why was he mad?? I'm 100% sure most of the people who watch this movie will be as puzzled as I am.

review horror movie my ex haunted lover from thailand by badin duke marion affolter and pete thong-jeur
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If only this scene was cut out from the movie and just make previous scene where the killer realized she's finally dead, I would've like this movie! But then, Thailand people just have to put their itchy little fingers and put this confusing scene at the end. A total blow-off man!

7/10 for I certainly got scared at some points of the movie and good story but the ending.

review horror movie my ex haunted lover from thailand by badin duke marion affolter and pete thong-jeur
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Who'd Love This?

Need something scary but confusing at the end to watch? I won't recommend this movie to anybody though.

My Ex: Haunted Lover Trailer

Shine on,


  1. The man at the end of the movie was an ex-lover of the killer lady, or so I thought, but it was pretty obvious.... I think the whole title applies only at the end of the movie, cause she ended up giving the hint she's gonna haunt the guy (the clue was when she suddenly appears on the picture where they were together)..

    The rest of the movie is absolutely nonsense... For starter, my friends and I guessed at the start of the story where Ying fell off the building that the killer lady Cee was actually the one who pushed Ying (and we were right). And there's not a single moment I jumped to my feet or get scared since most of the scary scenes were overuse clichés of past horror movies (ghost under the bed, ghost aimlessly standing around, the waking up from nightmare scene etc), all of them were plain boring...

    And the scenes keep jumping around it was annoying, for example; one minute the Ying ghost was pulling her leg and she was drowning, and later the scene jumped to the one where she was acting with the wealthy guy. I mean, was the one where she was drowning was just another nightmare? And she actually fell asleep during the shooting and dreamt the whole thing? That was one terrible way of telling a horror story, really.

    The ending was obvious also (my friend jokingly said "They all gonna end up dead" at the start of the story, and boy, was she right... and she's not even a psychic), and it was a very unnecessary thing to have that "Cee-held-up-by-ghosts-on-bed" thing. It was another lame scene.

    Overall, this movie is the worst horror genre I've watched after Child's Eye... The scary sound effects are a bother more than a factor... They were just.. lame...

    Nang Nak and The Shutter are thousand times better than this.

    No offence of course, you have your own opinion and I respect that :) This is just my opinion and I'd like to share it with another movie-goer who actually liked this movie. Cause there were only like 10 of us in the cinema when we watched this, and none of us actually had anything positive to say about the movie...

  2. Hey anonymous! Thanks for your feedback on this movie! I kinda know they were lovers....I just don't get the theme- ur ex-will-haunt-you applied to that scene, you know? Like, she haunts him via the tv was it? xD blurr blurr.

    Yeah I totally agree with you, the confusing part where it was actually just a dream. Really a put-off la that point.

    No big deal, I love getting remarks and know what readers have to say really. =) Sharing is caring~

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