Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nightclub City on Facebook: New Look, New Outfit!
Do you play Nightclub City on Facebook? It's an addictive game! I got hooked ever since I started to play and can't get enough of it since.

I saw one of my guests on my "Glamorous" club having this new funky hair or curls with a straight short bang upfront. I was like, "Hey I want those!" Besides, it's been a while since I had a new look.

2 minutes later, tadaaaa~ xD I got it by just clicking 2-3 times! I changed my look entirely! My hair is $75,000, my top is from previous one, $10,000, my bottom skirt is $15,000 and my shoes are from the free one in white color. I don't like the rest- open-toe shoes nor sneakers. Doesn't fit with my entire look.

new look and outfit at nightclub city facebook on january 2011

But I'm pleased. =)

I was thinking of making my hair blonde but I thought that wouldn't be me. I'd feel like not a Malaysian then. xD So the red one is a nice color- it pops and in between of a dark and bright shade.

Shine on,


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