Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Style Haircut December 2010
new haircut on december 2010

I have a new haircut! It's from a new salon that I tried and I think it's my top number 1 on my list. =) I've been starting to check out all the hair salons in Kota Kinabalu and I must say that this new stylist that I tried on is the best so far. I'm so happy with my haircut!

Which Salon?

Which salon? Nah, I don't wanna tell just yet. Wait till my third or fourth visit there, then I'll tell you which one is it. =) It was a coincidental visit really, I was looking for a new place to try at, seeing that I was bored with my V-shape at the back and awesome layering work by Steven from inSalon. He did a good job and I love how he cut my hair, but I know there are loads more hair salons for me to try at before I settle (become a regular) at one. It's worth the surveying, seeing that I'll be tied to it and all, right? =)

new haircut on december 2010

How'd it Go?

I actually told her to just trim my hair a bit. She clearly did a whole new haircut to me and I like it! Love it so much! xD I saw her did a lot of thinning of the hair, inner and outer layers. I think that's just what I need- lots of layerings. Whatever that was, she really knows how to cut hair! I think I want to bring dad over there to get his hair done too. =) He needs to know about this one. xD

new haircut on december 2010

Sorry a bit blurry!

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