Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 2 (2011)

January 13, 2011

This movie was an excitement for me as Paranormal Actiity left me thinking whether that movie was real or not. Like, say it was real, it'll be super freaky and how they film the movie made it all seem believable! Should I? And I'd get this feeling on the other 50% of my brain where it was all not real and just for the sake of the know.

review movie paranormal activity 2 on january 2011

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Paranormal Activity 2011 Sypnosis
After experiencing what they think are a series of "break-ins", a family sets up security cameras around their home, only to realize that the events unfolding before them are more sinister than they seem.

review movie paranormal activity 2 on january 2011
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Del Say...
This movie, it was like, gripping my heart with it's hand and squeezing and releasing it as it pleases, all throughout. It gives off this feel of real-ness for it was filmed with cctv's and handheld camcoders by the actors/actresses themselves. Thus, scared the wits out of me.

review movie paranormal activity 2 on january 2011
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The pace was super slow if you ask me. I mean like, the progression to the climax was slow. Yeah I saw the family hanging out, taking videos of each other, having fun...then at night, (from cctv's view) of the same thing over and over again- the pool, front foor, living room, kitchen, stairs and finally, the baby's room. Over and over again, for several times. Yeah sure there was something like the toy above baby's cradle moved during the day, pots falling and that was it.

review movie paranormal activity 2 on january 2011
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However, just as we thought there'd be more of it coming and the story doesn't stop there, it stopped right there. Talk about mood killer! Major turn-off, just like the movie My Ex: Haunted Lover from Thailand, but definitely better than it. And I have to say this- Paranormal Activity 1 is better than this.

I feel sorry for the baby in the film. Surely they had to make him cry to 'act'. xD

review movie paranormal activity 2 on january 2011
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Cut Scenes?
I watched the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer and I'm disappointed and felt cheated. The trailer shows something showed itself in front of the cctv and I didn't see anything like that on the movie that I watched. I'm super disappointed. So this means that this review here only applies to those living in Malaysia.

I wonder if other countries have cut some scenes too?

One hour 30 minutes


Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer
Watch it muted, if you're scared. Seriously. '

Pretty scary huh? For those who'd watched it...what do you think about this sequel to Paranormal Activity? I really think the first one is better.

Shine on,

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  1. Salam Kenal.
    Banyak blog buat review yang cerita ni lebih kurang dengan episod pertama dulu. Cuma dorang tukar watak2 dia ja. Tapi memang menyeramkan kan?

  2. Hi SBC Admin! Aaa....kalau saya rasa seram tu tetap ada, cuma jalan cerita yang off ni kali. Ada yang kena cut lagi scene dia tu.


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