Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Missing Keris in Sembulan Mystery Solved
Do you know that our "Keris" monument-statue situated at the "busy junction leading to the airport and the city" is missing? I didn't! Until seconds ago! It was one of the “Malaysia Day” monuments erected in the late 1960s by former chief minister Mustapha Harun to mark the formation of Malaysia and also to commemorate Kota Kinabalu's change of name from previous name, "Jesselton".

keris monument missing in kota kinabalu sabah january 2011 answer

Masidi Said...

Masidi Manjun, our Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister reported to Free Malaysia Today that the monument was "rotting inside".

“The inside was rotting and so the PWD (Public Works Department or Jabatan Kerja Raya-JKR) decided to remove it for safety reasons."

“Many people thought it was made of metal. No, it is not… I think it is probably made of carbon or a different type of biodegradable material. So PWD needs to repair it or build a new one.”

Manjun's not sure whether the keris will be repaired and placed at the same spot, it's up to PWD>

People thought it was stolen for it was removed without any announcement! xD This dagger has always been discussed over it's 40 years of existence, some said that it "would bring bad luck to the state as the blade was pointing skyward." Don't know about you, but I'm not so superstitious like that.

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  1. I don't like the kris there... I don't know but it seem so annoying... Hopefully, the won't put it back there...


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