Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kek-Kek is Gone
Last Friday where I Sent Snowy for his second shot at the SAMC, there were one more sick animal in the house. It's Kek-Kek, dad calls it "Kek" for her voice doesn't come out sometimes, resulting in 'aak, aaak..' or as mom calls it, Blackie. I think the name "kek" suits it well, but I call it double, "Kek-kek". xD

black kitten kek-kek is gone on january 2011

It is was around 3-4 months old already and is one of the two females out of her 3 siblings, all of them relies most of the time on us here at my house to feed them. Their mother is a stray and I sometimes see her when I feed my cats. Or should I say cat... >.< Ooh Bensi...

She's the most manja on us out of all of her siblings. She likes to climb on board on the sofa and snuggle in the middle of my criss-crossed legs, like these two pictures I'm showing you. She likes to 'massage' on our legs or arms like Snowy does and she's 50-50 our very own cat if you ask me. The rest 50 is her mom's. xD

And she's gone now. She was looking sick and disconnected herself with everyone in the house- she was under a car upfront when I woke up that Friday morning. Then she went into the dry drain next to our house's and sat herself there. I went to her and she was trying to sleep. Poor I thought of getting her together with Snowy to get treatment at SAMC later that afternoon. My wish didn't came true.

black kitten kek-kek is gone on january 2011

She was gone. Not sighted anywhere I could think of, I even looked upstairs, just in case. Not that she goes there everyday, but mana la tau...She has disappeared until now...and she's my little second regret now after Bensi. I should've caged her! Arrrghh!

And guess what? These pictures were taken the day before she disappeared, Thursday evening. So sad...and a shame, because she was such a beautiful kitty, with only white socks and white slash of a patch on her chest. Ai...

Shine on,


  1. again? missing cat? maybe Kek-Kek went somewhere. perhaps she follows her mum?

  2. Hey's missing...yes but she HAS to be at the house at least during lunch and dinner. She'd always be here in the morning lepak2, night too. I could see that she was case like Bensi I guess. =(

  3. the sickness mcm berjangkit2 pula. i hope she'll be okay.

  4. Dooohh....this one was a stray, same like her...entire family. Mother super freakin wild, tapi anak2 nda pula takut orang. This girl lama suda nda nampak oo, like 1 week suda. Think she's with Bensi already.... =( Sayang oh.


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