Thursday, January 27, 2011

Karamunsing Complex Block C is Dangerous reported about the dangers at Karamunsing Complex (Kompleks Karamunsing) today. The public has been concerned about the building and investigation was carried out by the owner.

The staff of 7,8 and 9th floor owner, Suria Group, reported cracking sounds inside the building and got worried. Suria then set out a reg. Professional Engineer Ir. Tsen to carry out investigation and declared that the 3 floors are unsafe. Holy cow! And it's the top floor! Wonder how are the floors beneath it? Tsen then presented his report to a community by DKK called High Risk Committee and below are the minutes;

"There were deflection as much as 3" or more on all the 3 floors. Certain crucial reinforcement were apparently not in the correct position resulting in very short lever-arm and hence structurally inadequate. With age and the effect of creeps, the deflection can only get worst. The 3 floors were reported to be in a "plastic" stage, and it was declared unsafe."

Whoa. Bad construction work by the builders for sure. It seems that it's the Block C that is having this problem here. Not sure about the rest of the blocks tho. But if I am one of the tenants, I would want to know my shop's structure too when I see this. xD

Hope there'll be some work to make it good again or people might start moving out man.

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  1. Karamunsing ownner is so greedy. Blame him for the crackings. Srsly if u observe other blocks it's the same thing. Crack here n there. Leaking. N get so stuffy there with all the new shops. I think it will collapse anytime soon. It's only the matter time.

  2. Other blocks too? Nooooo!! My fav nail shop is there! >.< And herbaline too! And....and....and giant! xD

  3. the one that will severely suffer is normally the top floors. u gotta check it la. the walls. the pressure frm the construction can damage any of the floors. but frm what i observed the tiles became uneven, cracked as well as the walls.

  4. the whole mall should be evacuated and in depth investigation should be carried out by the gov.. paling bagus is the owner kana summoned!

  5. Eee lenn I shiver reading ur comment... >.< Palis2 runtuh everything.

    Anonymous, not sure about that...i don't think the only person(s) to blame are just the owner here...let's hope for the best.

  6. just hope it won't collapse n hurt anybody. the owner, the one who's in charged of supervising the construction n whoever involved should be brought to court.

  7. i have a shop there at basement infront of giant , do you think if anything happen ....the owner of the building will pay us on the damage?

  8. Hey there! I'm not sure who will but there must be somebody paying because the building shouldn't be crumbling down and make everyone scare off.

  9. Anyone who have facebook, just login to 'Kompleks Karamunsing' page to view the interim report of their building structural integrity assessment (safety).

  10. Well put together write-up! I will certainly save this
    one for future reference. Thank you so much!


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