Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm Sabah Animal Medical Centre Customer Forever
Hey guys! I told you about my cat Snowy is sick earlier right? I have a confession to make. I have been Sabah Animal Medical Centre's customer for the first time and have been going there until the time Snowy got sick recently.

Stupid Decision
I was suggested to go to the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan dan Perusahaan Ternak Sabah at Kepayan there for my cat was thought by us all family members that he was just sick and some medicine or injections would surely cure him up in no time. Like it wasn't such a big deal and there at Kepayan is cheap. Never been there but it's a government branch, so it has to be real cheap there. And it sure was. And a big mistake.

First Day 18 Jan, Tuesday
First day we went there was on Tuesday (18 January 2011). I was asked for my IC and got my own card. Waited for several minutes and I was attended by a middle-aged woman with shoulder-length curly hair. She gave Snowy 2 shots of liquid I don't know of. One in milky-white color.

Paid RM20 for that and was told by that doctor to come again for another 2 days for injections.

Snowy was still looking sick and lifeless. No shine in his eyes and I thought it was just normal. Maybe the medicine needs time to react. To cure Snowy. To treat Snowy. Maybe tomorrow then he'll be a bit better.

Second Day 19 Jan, Wednesday
Second day, I went there early morning again. I got my card then asked, "Did you take the medicine yesterday?" I was like, "huh? What medicine?" Can't tell you how astounded I was hearing that. It was like, all hope of curing Snowy was gone. Then she told me that yesterday I was suppose to take some medicines, as she pointed to some unknown scribblings on the card. I told her I didn't then after much deliberation with a doctor inside, I waited again outside of the medical room.

When I was called, it was a different doctor. A younger one with heavy make up. She asked me why I didn't take the medicine. Of course I'd tell her like how you know the story goes so far- "The doctor yesterday told me to just come for injections, nothing else". That moment how I wished I recorded the whole session I had with that vet yesterday.

She then told me that I had 2 choices- take medicine for several days or 2 more jabs, one per day. I was told that if I take the injection treatment, I'd still have to give Snowy take medicine and if I take that medicine, I don't have to pay anything anymore. So yeah, "medicine saja la" I said, hoping, praying that Snowy would eat them miraculously.

I was so right. My fear came true. Around 12 noon I got home and tried to get Snowy take the medicines that was given. He threw it all up over and over again. He was super strong and scratchy in resisting that dad just gave up after 3 tries. All my hopes dropped.

Another Shocking Discovery
So I went back to Jabatan Haiwan and took my cue getting the card then waited outside the room. It was the same woman and when she saw my card, she was puzzled. She wondered why the scribblings she did earlier that morning weren't there. Another heart-dropping problem, caused by that place. They soon found out that the card I had that morning was somebody else's and that meant I took the wrong medicine and paid RM20 for nothing.

So Snowy got his 2 jabs on the butt and I only had to pay RM5 for it. Gee, RM15 wasted yesterday.

On the way home Snowy slept in the car, much to my surprise. Usually he'd be terrified to just be in the car and won't ease up. That was an improvement, but he still wouldn't eat nor drink later on. Getting scared here.

Third Day 20 Jan, Thursday
Today was a hectic one. I didn't have time to have lunch and went all day without any drink nor food. So it was already 4.35pm and I was still in KK. I remembered the sign on the Jabatan Haiwan's board post that it closes at 4.30pm. So I had no choice but to go back to SAMC. Snowy must have his shot today or he won't recover. This thing cannot go on anymore for today is the fourth day he hasn't eaten a single solid food.

God Bless SAMC
I was so glad I was running late for Jabatan Haiwan. I was so glad I had to send Man to the gym first. I was so glad I took so much time at the marine shop that I ran late for Jabatan Haiwan.

I went to SAMC, around 5pm and it was still open, thank God. I was directed to a young doctor, probably a kadazan, sino..dusun..oh I'm pathetic on guessing people's origin. xD Snowy was checked on his mouth, fur and ear and when she checked his mouth first, she said that he might be suffering from viruses called Feline Leukemia due to his mouth has this one lining of yellow layer at the nook of his upper jaw, right at the nook of his gums at both sides. Looked like chicken fat (color-wise). She then took a blood sample from his ear and checked it under a microscope. A big flat screen was next to it, showing what she was observing at.

Damaged Red Blood Cells
She exclaimed something like, "oh this is bad" when she saw what she saw. She then told me that a healthy red blood cell should have round corners and I didn't see many of it on the screen. There were irregular shapes of that cell with pointy ends like of a durian, very scary after I knew what they meant. That means the virus has gotten over his blood stream and this, she said, could be because of fleas as well. Which, I don't deny because Snowy does have fleas right now (again). Thank you stray kittens! I asked her if he'd be okay, she said maybe. For now she'll do what she can do for him and that is to treat his fever, get his appetite going and kill the virus.

10 Injections, 5 Big Ones
I was surprised to see 5 big, oversized injection tubes on a metal bowl. Snowy was stuck on the butt with a needle with a small thin tube, which was then connected to the big tubes. They were 3 water, 1 glucose and another was vitamin B complex to increase his appetite. I forgot. The injected area got super swollen with water and glucose! xD Like stung by a bee or something. It receded over several seconds.

Then came the other 5 small injections for Snowy.
I thought they looked painful. Snowy went through the previous series of injections with no problem, no struggles. But this one, after 2-3 jabs, he started to struggle, trying to break free. Thank god for the two assistants holding his limbs and head for the doctor. They praised him for being such a good boy. Usually other cats would already run for their life when they get jabs. I'm so proud of Snowy .

Oh the small injections were of 2 tubes for Snowy's sickness, and 3 for the virus. I was told to wait 5 minutes after that to see if there were any reaction to the virus shots- look for saliva-dripping or itchiness. Which, didn't happen. So I went out after paying RM65 HAPPILY. I was so happy. Snowy, after getting out of the treatment room, looked so lively again. I got my cat back again, I can see his shine lits up again. I'm so happy.

In the car, I can see his eyes shone bright like how they used to. And that was a good sign. A very good one. He seemed more alert to sounds and totally looked energetic a bit.

Tonight he didn't want to eat still...but he's moving around the house! He's no longer in our bedrooms sitting or sleeping! I saw him drank water several times more than before. I can see his nose twitch when I put food near it. He doesn't look so miserable now and his body is no longer hot like before! His saliva-dripping pose is no longer on sight. I'm super happy at this. But he still stinks man. xD I scare bathing him now will make him sicker. So I'd wait till he gets better then I start putting those flea shampoo on him. =D

I can't wait to get him to the vet again tomorrow. I can't. I told mom to put him in any room tomorrow morning before she leaves for work as I fear I can't find him when I need to send him to the vet.

I vow to not go anywhere else but SAMC anymore, unless I need to. But I'd definitely stick with SAMC from now on. Anything wrong, I'd go to SAMC straightaway.

Shine on,


  1. Ah lenn biar betul kau ni...near our house saja...sana foh sang, it's behind Petronas station can see a bit of it from the highway, right before Petronas. I 100% recommend this place to you!

  2. hahaha~ i never been to one ba. there's one in foh sang but i didn't know the name bah. :D

  3. Ah foh sang? Sana la tu SAMC? Could it be the same one? Then u already know lama lo,cuma xtau nama dia saja...xD

  4. Hi..i'm a stranger...i just want to know how much did u pay there? coz i've brought a street cat yang kena gigit anjing yesterday...and now the cat were admitted there...

  5. Hey there dear good samaritan! That's a very good deed you're doing now, I'm so happy you commented! Urm, Snowy for this one I paid RM65 first, both for his flu and his virus. Then needed to come back for several more for his virus, paid around RM50 each time. Kalau kena gigit di kaki tu xtau oo...and if kena stay 'hospitalized' I hear it's expensive oh there and after 10pm they no more jaga the animal. I think la, need to ask oh. I'd like you to post up here again on the cat's updates ka apa..

  6. hi Del, i was searching about SAMC tiba2 nampak blog ko listed in Google. Thanks God. Sa mau bawa my puppies pigi check sana. my snoopy cannot poop ;( kesian ni..and My puppy pula kulit dia ada kudis wpun kena tutup by his long hair.

    Boleh ka byr by credit card di sana? takut sa mahal and i didnt bring enough Cash...

  7. hi Del, i was searching about SAMC tiba2 nampak blog ko listed in Google. Thanks God. Sa mau bawa my puppies pigi check sana. my snoopy cannot poop ;( kesian ni..and My puppy pula kulit dia ada kudis wpun kena tutup by his long hair.

    Boleh ka byr by credit card di sana? takut sa mahal and i didnt bring enough Cash...

  8. xD Hi Dev! Alaaa kesian...wah kudis? ada kena vaksin ka tu?

    Yeap2, boleh. Of course can one. =)

  9. Hi Del.thanks google ternampak ko blog dcni..I'm frm Tawau, n the vet service is truly BAD!!! Apa lagi if Jab Haiwan, tiada doktor langsung, yg merawat pun assistant..alamak, apalah nasib animals, especially strays all over area Tawau..i nid to buy medicines from SAMC, but duno tey sell to me or not, or must brings all my cats kasih tgk tu doktor ka??aiya...

  10. hi Del..i'm from Tawau..Jess

  11. Where's SAMC situated? Plan to bring my cat there tomorrow as he was injured and bleeding from his mouth. I didn't feed or give him drinks because I'm afraid if there's internal injury. Bunyi nafas dia lain saja this, seems like there's a liquid inside his throat. Mahalkah tu di sana?

  12. It's at Damai, literally behind the Petronas gas station. Oh liquid aa...normally my cats wen dey have fever dey breath like dat dat, macam ada kahak kan.. =) For me mahal but it's worth it. You know you're paying for a reliable service. Sakit biasala,me normally around rm100 like dat.

  13. This might spund ridiculous but im just curious if SAMC assist in basic grooming for pet ie bathing, ear cleaning, nail trimming etc?!

  14. hello Del, I would like to ask, is SAMC provide ka kasi kembiri cat? if got, how much la? thanks. ^^

  15. hello del, is SAMC provide kembiri kucing ka? if ya, how much tu? thank you. ^^

  16. Hi...Talking about pets,I like to get infos about pets quarantine.I have a friend who is going to give away her pair of 'Sugar Gliders' in Semenanjung.How do I go about to get clearance on this animals,like who/what department to contach,forms to fill etc.Actually I want to take the animals for my daughter.Thanks for the advice and Kudos...


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