Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion Tutorial: 7 Ways to Wear a Scarf by Michelle Phan
Thank you Michelle Phan and her fashion friend, Chriselle. I'm a subscriber of hers and I think this is the first ever video of fashion from Michelle that I like! xD

Featured were Chriselle wearing a long-sleeve black overalls with rounded neck, using a beige-colored scarf.

The Seven Ways Scarf
The Turtleneck Scarf
The Knot
The Bow
The Loop (2, 3 loops anyone?)
The Criss Cross (Chriselle's fav!)
The Cardigan Scarf
The Circle Scarf (2 benefits- it can act as a hood!)

Shine on,


  1. Thank You So Much for this tutorial!!!! I would love to see more fashion tips and scarf tutorials. I want to be able to wear of more pieces in my closet the way I will def (thanks to you)be rockin my scarves... So glad I found you today: )


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