Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daily Activities:Girls Day Out! - 12 January 2011
Today I went out with Sa. I picked her up at her home and boy, I thought it'll take me around 15 minutes only- I was wrong! 20 minutes and it was because the traffic was medium-jammed. If heavy don't know la....

Lunch at Pizza Hut
So we went to eat lunch first at Pizza Hut. Sa tasted the spaghetti meatballs for the first time ever! xD Glad I brought her there just now or she won't know how good it tastes! Ever!

Paranormal Activitiy 2
We watched Paranormal Activity 2 at Growball Cineplex. Hall 5 and there weren't a lot of people there. That gave me a bad feeling- this movie wasn't good.

review movie paranormal activity 2 on january 2011

True enough, this movie was a bit disappointing! How mad I was when the ending came like, suddenly and everybody was like, BOO-ing the movie while getting up and walking out. Sad scene to watch, if you're the producer/director.

Disgusting 'Love' Toilet
After the movie, I went to the toilet on the left side of the arcade game hall and took the first cubicle on my right and I saw disguting scribblings on the back door;

disgusting toilet at centre point sabah january 2011

Can you believe this?? I was imagining those boys writing this after doing 'it' in that very cubicle and the thought gave me shivers. It was like, invading my personal, private space man! What an uncomfortable experience was that- wut da pineapples! Authorities, catch these perverts! Please!

I felt guilty towards Sa because I was kinda a bit late- 30 minutes than the promised time to fetch her at home. Then she said she'll be coming back in two weeks time for Chinese New Year! Haha what a relief! xD

The end.

Shine on,


  1. I never watched any of the Paranormal Activity movies. I think I'll just wait for them to be shown in ASTRO.

  2. Hey! Good idea man, it gets pretty scary to watch thriller movies in the cinemas. xD


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