Monday, January 10, 2011

Daily Activities: 10 January 2011
Today hun and I went out for lunch and were just killing time before sunset .

After lunch we then head on to the new Inanam blocks (where they have Pizza Hut and KFC there) to buy some stuff at the hardware store.

Then he asked me if I wanted Momo. I was like, "Apa tu Momo??" He said it's like Yoyo Cafe and it was just near where we were at, that time. So I was like, "yeah sure!" Cuz it's been a while since he started to tell me about Momo and we never got the time to actually go there together and let me try some. It seems like it has another branch in Dongongon area..

waffles and milky teas at momo bubble tea in inanam kota kinabalu sabah

Face & Head Massage Service. Anyone?

Hun suudenly had a serious case of his series of headaches. Normally due to overloaded thinking. I massaged his face and head for only around....4 minutes I think and he dozed off! xD So funny! He said it felt so good and I felt good about it. I still got good massage in me! =p Not to blow off my horn, but I can brag a little can I? xD

Romantic Scene of KK

We were bored with all the malls in KK. So we then enjoyed a freakingly awesome romantic setting at the hillside and enjoyed slowly the waffles and milky teas that we bought from Momo. I couldn't have been any more happier! Too bad around 3 it started to drip so we called it off early. Talk about bad timing.

Can Steal Waja Already!

We then head to Kingfisher to have hun repair his customer's Waja. Boy it was so funny cuz he left the key inside and the owner didn't have any spare keys! Luckily...I called somebody and asked how to open a Waja. Hun did what was told to him and it worked! xD It was a hard one, Waja was a bit more difficult to crack than normal cars. So if you want a good safety feature, buy Proton Waja!

The end.

Shine on,


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