Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Change Air Asia Flight Date
So here was my problem. Dad called me this afternoon saying that he wants to change the days of his flights by Air Asia. So I puzzled. "I've never done this la?" So I went to their website and checked their FAQ section.

FAQ Answer
Question: Can I change flights?
You may change flights up to forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time, subject to the following conditions:
(a) if the new flight booked is in a lower fare class than that of the cancelled booked flight, the difference in fares will not be refunded to the guest
(b) if the new flight booked is in a higher fare class than that of the cancelled booked flight, the difference in fares shall be paid by the guest before the cancellation or change can be made;
(c) the change is not confirmed until it is reflected in your booking itinerary
(d) route change is not allowed
Changes can be made via Manage My Booking, at all our Sales Office/Airport Sales Counter and through our call centre. A change fee is applicable. I tried to call their Premium Customer Service Line at 600 85 9999 and boy was it super expensive!! RM 1.95 per minute man! That's like, 1 iced milo per minute! Well..I wanted it fast so I tried calling. Was told to wait and feared the RM1.95/minute threat, I hung up. Tried to call again. Hung up. And tried. And tried for several times more. I lost a total of RM18 right there for nothing! I could've just gone to their counter, my gas wouldn't have cost so much!

Credit Card?
So I finally managed to get hold to one of their assistants there around 5pm and he asked for a credit card number. OOOssshhhh....I don't have a card to use and mom was away! So there goes my RM6...and guess what? I only have until 8.45pm just now to change the flight dates or the confirmed flight would be burned. He also said the changing fee for 1 flight would be RM95.

Mom Came Home
So finally, mom came home and I can finally get the freaking thing done. Couldn't call, engaged. So many times. Thought my phone wasn't working, so I called using dad's phone. Engaged too. So what to do??

Change Air Asia Flight Itinerary Online
Thank God and God Bless Air Asia for this feature! I can change my date online! Wohoo! Let me put them down in points...

So I went to their home page, hover to the "My Flights" button on the left side of the screen and clicked "Manage My Booking".
You'll see three stuff to click- "My Booking", "Status of Flight(s)" and "Baggage Tracking Service".
Click on "Manage Booking" button at the "My Booking" box.
So fill in the forms.
"Booking number" would be the a set of codes of numbers and letters that was at the top of your itinerary page.
"Departure Day": Put in the date you were suppose to fly.- the one you want to change. Don't put the month yet!
"Departure month": Put in the month that you're supposed to fly.
"Departure year": The year you're suppose to fly- 2011, 2012, etc.
Aaand the rest you should know right. =)
Click "Find Itinerary"
You'll see 2 sets of things, if you've booked 2 flights- return ones.
Tick on the flight that you want to change the date on and pick a date from the drop-down menu underneath it.
Select your dates~
You'll be taken to a similar page like you're to search flights to book online. Check that the date is correct then confirm the purchase by clicking the button on the bottom right.
You'll be taken back to the home page of the "My Booking" page and you'll notice that the flight details has been changed.
Click on the button on the top right, saying "Change" or something, can't remmeber! Sorry. This is to confirm that you want those dates that you've chosen and proceed to pay the price.
Just follow the instructions, just like buying flights online. Pay with your card, then congratulations! You've already changed your flight date(s)!

RM90 Fee Only
Hmmm I'm puzzled. I was told by that Air Asia guy that the fee to change 1 flight would be RM95, but I was only charged RM90. Chinese New Year discount I guess. xD

I Paid For...
Well let me repeat the idea of the payment. You're to pay a Changing Flight Fee of RM95 (or RM90 in my case), airport tax of course (some flights don't), the difference of the previous and current flight change (if the current one is higher than previous one) and finally, the Convenience Fee of RM12 (not sure if it's a constant thing with all cards/anybody or not).

Shine on,


  1. Hey there,

    thank you very much for this great article! :)

    I'm also trying to change my flight with Air Asia and its so complicated...

    Your text is very helpful. ;)

  2. You're very welcome Charlotte! I'm back to Blogger now! Wordpress is to much headache! xD

  3. Hey! Tq for d info. I'm calling customer service line few times but failed to change the date. Luckily I found ur info. Very helpful!!

  4. Why I can't change my flight date in manage my booking😢


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