Friday, January 14, 2011

Bensi's Sick- Worms
Yesterday when I just got home and turned on my lappy, dad got home and told me there was a puke upstairs. I went up and found this. It was literally outside of the shower room and I panicked when I saw this. Not because of the puke making a problem for me to clean it up later, as in who puked? My cats? I feared so.


cat's worm puke on january 2011

I studied the puke. As normal as I've seen throughout my life as I puked too, I see digested food and something not so familiar is the grass shreds and my worst fear of all- worms. In this case, dried ones. Felt like crunchy mee hoon when I swiped it off the floor, sticky too. xD

cat's worm puke on january 2011

So after I watered, sanitized, watered, soaped, watered and sanitized the floor, I came downstairs, anxious, like who did that? I kinda punished Snowy by swating at his ear, gently for I don't know if he was the one, but that's a good example of what I don't want him to do in the future, so yeah, gently. xD

Then I saw Bensi. His mouth was frothing and it smelled worst than all of the cat litters in the world. My hairs stood up at the sight of it. I quickly grabbed a tissue roll and cleaned his mouth, only a few seconds after, it started to drip again. He did some opening and closing with his jaw, I saw froth coming right up again. I was like, Oh God. And it was night time, no veterinaries open at night time here in KK. Dang. Then I got my answer. Answer to my wonderings since recently- why Bensi doesn't sleep with me anymore? He knows I'd be mad....or maybe, swat his ear when I see it or maybe just don't want Snowy get the blame too. All this while cleaning his mouth up.

At midnight when I got to my bedroom, I heard something in my closet. Opened the door, Bensi sprawled out, energy-less. I started to feel sad and wipe the goo off his mouth again. I stared in horror as my closet's inner stuff had been 'damaged' by Bensi's smelly 'froth'. I started to take out all of my clothes that are long enough to touch the floor of the closet's base, or maybe manage to go 3-5 inches to the base. Tossed to a washing basket. I don't like taking risks like, "oh this one doesn't have stains, maybe it's safe to use then". No. Better safe than sorry later. xD

Today, this morning, now, I don't see Bensi. Snowy slept with me last night. Eyes are pretty good despite that cry I did on my pillow. Yes I feel bad and I feel like a mother to both my kids. I mean cats. I hope Bensi will be around later on so that I can get him to the vet. Or at least I'll cage him in or something, so he won't be running around. Praying for his safety. Or health. Happiness.

Then it came to me. I just had them ate some deworming medicine last November. Now's just....around 3 months after. Do I need to get my cats deworming medicine once every 2 months then? Nah I don't think so. Maybe just bad luck here. Ate some over-due food or frogs, as my dad said.

Shine on,

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  1. Hi Lenn...I was thinking to post the sequel to this story later...mebe in a month time..Bensi's gone. I haven't seen him till's the third day today...and I cry everytime I think about him, going down the stairs, feeding Snowy, seeing Snowy staring outside the house, sleeping with just one cat at night...cuz he was such a loyal good cat u know, he'd wait for me to bath right at the bathroom door, he'd look for me, cry out for me when he can't find me (usually when I go out) or he'd just sleep on the couch where I mostly seat everyday.

    I went out to search for him the second day, last sat, but as I guessed, he wasn't seen. I'd give all the money I have right now if he can just come back home. If you see any cat that looks just like him do tell me.

    I'm thinking of buying Snowy some toys because I can see that he's sad as well. Now everytime I come back home at night I'd see Snowy just woken up after a long time sitting outside the house, alone. And that's not a usual thing because normally he'd be sleeping inside the house and when we get back home he and Bensi will go to the window and see us coming in. And I'm crying as I type. Urgh. And I despise cat's instinct to go hide when they're ill. I should've stopped Bensi when I saw him going down the stairs and put him on the cage and get him to the vet the next morning. I blame myself for that. For this. All.

  2. Aww~ Don't worry, kay? I'm sure he'll be back. Cats usually do that. My cats as well. I don't think Bensi would go far away from ur hse. U'll find him for sure. Don't give up! It's not ur fault. U've tried ur best to nurse n help him. I hope he'll be okay. :)

  3. Mm...ya...sorry my reply too long. I think that kinda did me good a bit. =) Thanks for asking lenn. I need it. Eeiiisssh he better be....if he does..kalau dia pulang i'd lock him up and make sure he'd still breath the next day.

  4. Based on my experiences, cats(dog as well) if they got sick they will not show their condition in front of their guardian. They'll go far away from home to find some place to hide and when they're fully healed, then they will show up again. But if they're not, you must understand.

  5. >.< oh gooosssh i hope not.....i pray not....

  6. nah, it's ok. i understand. fo' sho lock him up when he return. :D

  7. Oh n u know what? How wonderful my life is now. SNOWY IS SICK TOO. Since last night he wasn't didn't look okay. This morning bawa go vet, body temp 40c. xD Doc cakap tinggi betul. And it was just fever, nothing else. Like Bensi was, only worse a bit. If only I realize sooner...

  8. this rainy season makes the animals sick. even for human. how's snowy's fever now?

  9. Today second jab..his saliva not getting smellier, thank god. Okay maybe just a bit la. He struggled when we gave him medicine, that's a good sign too, since he hasn't eaten for 2 days already. Tomorrow last jab, hopefully no more sickness la. Oh and he still doesn't wana eat, which worries me. 3 days no eat la macam ni.

  10. he'll eat eventually. i think he doesn't wanna eat coz he might barf everything up later.

  11. >.< I guess...but eat...and today is the....4th day man. Yesterday mau suda dia sikit lick2 the water..but that was it. Aaaaaahh stress...


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