Monday, January 3, 2011

Bad Arcade Experience in Centre Point
I've been several times unhappy with the game arcades in Centre Point and Suria Sabah. I went to Centre Point to play at the 5th floor game place and I wanted to play together with hun and I couldn't.

Why? Because the gun wasn't functioning. I pulled the trigger onto the screen and I see no shootings from my side (I can tell for mine would be in blue color). What a waste of RM0.50. This wasn't the first time ever happened. Second time was the same thing at the same place, not sure if it was the same game or not. Irritating? Yes yes yes. Even more when my character died.

There. My character died and you can place another token into it for nothing. Thank you.

Suria Sabah

Suria Sabah charges RM1 for 1 token and it infuriates me when hun couldn't play the racing game- brake didn't work. How nice, another waste of RM1 there. I see a number for any complaints or what on the counter's wall but I don't think I cared enough to call.

Shine on,


  1. try play at 1B's arcade. the one that uses member card. worth every token. i played the shooting type of game, it lasted longer that i thought. about suria sabah's arcade, mmg like that. RM20 just gone like that.

  2. Aaaaah 1B never had me complaining. xD My first time there was nice, no problemo~ It's been a long time since... =p

  3. yeah~ it was nice n lots of stuff too. i kinda hate the idea of using token cz if mati in the middle of the game and u have to insert another token. mafan o~

  4. Ya ba kan...better use the card....bikin panas tu token2 tu suda.


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