Thursday, December 2, 2010

This is How To Transport Animals
two goats on vehicle four wheel mitsubishi triton to kota belud sabah

This morning saw dad's four wheel loaded with two goats.

He's going to send it to.....somewhere near Beaufort I believe. It's for official....sacrifice. xD Tomorrow.

Good Way

This, is how animals get tied up on a vehicle. The right way. The humane way that shows respect to animals. Well, I know it's not the official way to send it- using private vechicle, but it's not business either. It's just a favor for a friend of dad's. But the way they get tied up, I think it's the right way.

Bad Way

Some transportation companies I see they tie animals like these bulls below. Poor things, their neck is tied up with such short rope and they pretty much can't do anything with their neck. I'm sure they'll have neck aches when they arrive at their destination. Imagine stucking your neck out like that for 1-5 hours of journey with no water nor food? It's crazy. At least get a longer rope for the bulls, right?

bulls tied on lorry

Dad even got a basin filled with water in the car before they start their journey. xD And fed the goats too! This is how you should ship animals.

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