Sarah Jessica Parker Bought $21 Million New York Townhouse

December 09, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker has bought a whopping $21 Million worth of home in the city of New York. The actress will be moving from West Village to 88 Central Park Street. How jealous of me!

sarah jessica parker bought $21 million townhouse in new york city

It's amazing how expensive celebrity homes can be.

According to the New York Observer newspaper, the home has a 32-foot long living room (oh may gad!), 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and 5 'half' bathrooms.

What's with this bathroom issue here?? Too many man! I think if you need a mirror to put up make up or something, I think that's what the dressing table is for, or the two walk-in wardrobes that the house comes with.

Well, anyhuuu....I hope you're happy with the house and make it a home. There'll be no more reason not to be happy from now Jess!

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